I am interested in alternative and herbal remedies. What kinds of careers would be good for me?

I am deeply interested in herbal remedies and alternative medicine. Is there any kind of job market for this to consider pursuing an education towards it?
It’s not a scam Charles. Quit being brainwashed and go take your RX’s

12 thoughts on “I am interested in alternative and herbal remedies. What kinds of careers would be good for me?

  1. Sounds like naturopath would be a natural! Other possibilities: herbalist, nutritionist, homeopath. There is an increasing interest these days in CAM (complementary & alternative modalities) – people are losing faith in allopathic medicine.

  2. Yes there is a demand for it.

    Education would not be through the university.

  3. Aroma therapist may be a good career, I know people in this profession believe that using herbal remedies are a good way to cleanse the body and help people relax.

  4. Chiropractors and M.D.s with Holistic concentration do order herbal remedies for their patients. You can get a job as an assistant until you have your degree to see if that is really for you.
    I go to holistic practitioners as a patient for preventative and maintenance. I too prefer to avoid illness than treat it once it has appeared.

  5. Something in biology and chemistry would be a good career choice for you.

    So you can see how much crap alternative medicine is.

  6. I would definitely check out the possibilities of becoming a holistic veterinarian and using alternative medicine as a method of treating pets.

    There is definitely a growing interest and a need for this type of practice. A lot of people who use alternative medicine for themselves also want to use alternative medicine for their pets.

    I am not affiliated with the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association but I would advise pursing a career in this area of alternative medicine.

    “The American Holistic Veterinary Medial Association explores and supports alternative and complementary approaches to veterinary health care, and is dedicated to integrating all aspects of animal wellness in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.”

  7. It really depends on your preferences (good at science, good at writing, good at math, good with business, etc).

    Yes, there is some demand for people skilled in natural therapies. Actually, it is one of the fastest growing fields of business as people seek other alternatives to “Traditional” medicine

    1 – Massage and Bodywork – Including Aromatherapy, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Rolfing, Polarity Therapy, Massage
    2 – Osteopathic Medicine
    3 – Chiropractic Medicine
    4 – Naturopathic Medicine
    5 – Ayurvedic Medicine
    6 – Allopathic (Western/Traditional) Medicine with a focus and intent on encouraging a change towards natural alternatives – If you can’t beat em’, Join em’. Then BEAT THEM!
    7 – Nutritionist
    8 – Psychotherapy
    9 – Therapeutic Hypnotist
    10 – Nursing (again with the focus and intent on natural medicine)

    Again, all of these ideas seem to be on the upswing. People are looking for other approaches.

    Of course, there is also nothing wrong with being in business and supporting these people, or being a business consultant to people trying to run natural businesses.

    Talk to people in the field. I love talking with like-minded and interested people about what I do and helping them find their path.

    Good luck.

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