11 thoughts on “Will acceptance of people, places and things bring inner Peace?

  1. of course not it just makes one worthless. acceptance of that which is good, combatting that which is not, while loving everyone is what will bring inner peace not blanket acceptance.

  2. Since I’ve started accepting people for who they are and not for who I think they should be and since I’ve started to see the beauty in all religions rather than condemming them because they think differentl y than I do, I’ve been a much happier person.

    I definitly feel a sense of inner peace when I’m not juding those around me.

  3. It is a fool that does not discern the truth of every situation.
    —Allen Norton

  4. Yes it’s a simple logic but very tough to follow-even i find it tough not to dream for more in life sometimes

    Answer is there in your ques itself-when u accept everything then there is no want, if no wants arises then u wont have any bad feelings whatsoever

  5. Well spoken and that is how it is ,Peace to you and everybody who has got an open mind.
    Take care!

  6. Only knowing God can bring you inner peace, you can find peace to a measure with other things but God gives us complete peace in in the middle of trouble He will give you peace that nothing else in the world can give you.

  7. It will bring some. There is an addendum and some exceptions.

    Addendum: If one has believes that there is nothing higher than this world, then accepting the things of this world might bring a measure of peace, but it will not be total. If this world is the only one there is, why accept it? Why not strenuously attempt to alter it, even if one should fail? To not do so would be to live in a sort of sedated impotence–which doesn’t sound peaceful to me. But if one believes that God exists and has all power, then accepting people, places, and things has merit. It means that God will have justice, and until that day he will facilitate the alteration of whatever he sees fit for his good purposes. This is the real way to inner peace.

    A type of exception: Accepting something that is criminal is not the best idea. Say that my neighbor is molesting my daughter. Should I accept this in order to bring about inner peace? No, I should act to change it, by involving the law.

    Another: Should I accept that “things are just how they are” and therefore use it as an excuse to do nothing productive or useful, or to refuse to attempt to enact change where I may? I would say not. Accepting people, places, and things means accepting myself–since I am a person–just as I am instead of cataloguing my shortcomings and asking God’s help to remove them (just for example). So I would be working on accepting the shortcoming instead of working to change it–which I don’t think is productive, useful, or honorable.

    As with most creed-like statements, such as the one you posted, it seems best to me to find where they are true and to find where they are not. Use them as guides that are true in many cases, but be cautious about where they stop being true.

  8. Accepting that things will be the way they are and you can’t change it can help you see the world from a more realistic point of view and ultimately bring inner peace. However that is easier said then done. Realizing that you can’t change things may sound like it would bring on a feeling of helplessness, but in actuality it contributes to less worry and stress.

  9. Acceptance brings Peace. A need to bolster ones ego by making oneself feel superior to others – usually by ‘putting them down’ because of how they look, think, feel, believe, et cetera, is what makes strife in the world and within the ‘self’. It is a hard habit to change, but with enough practice, it can be done. Starting while driving is a very worthwhile, tho’ difficult, time to practice.

  10. absolutely

    The world is full of stupid fools, why should I suffer from it???

  11. Acceptance to a certain degree. No one has to accept everything there is or could possibly be nor can they due to varying ideals, So therefore anything in life is a way too broad term. No I won’t accept anything in life by someone else’s concepts or beliefs. That doesn’t make sense. Too bad if we don’t accept it. We have rights and choices to make under free will and I will stand my ground on that one until my last day. Making trouble, if there is any, is made by the one who wants others acceptance by their terms and conditions and control. Phooey with that. I am my own person and I say I accept what I want or don’t want. I won’t be anyone’s puppet on a string and I have nothing to interfere with my inner Peace as GOD as given it to me. Not some trumped up idea by someone who thinks there way is the only way or the highway. They are the ones who will find trouble for being out of control of their own lives and trying to overtake others will. They should be the one to make peace if they are so bothered by the lack of it due to their inadaquacies………Not everyone has trivial things to waste their life on worrying about as all it does it make others pleased that they are causing dissention…………..

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