10 thoughts on “Is witchcraft a complimentary practice to Wicca religion or its the main part of it ?

  1. I’m a witch and I think Wicca and witchcraft is two different things Wicca is a type of witchcraft religion whilst witchcraft itself can be used by anyone but I don’t recommend playing with magick.

  2. Witchcraft is a complimentary practice; the main part of wicca is belief in the Goddess and God, and taking time to care for the Earth. The Witchcraft is completely optional, although many people think that celebration rites for thing like Samhain and Beltane are witchcraft (they’re not really because it’s usually just a sort of elaborate honouring of the deities, but often people do witchcraft at the same time. For example, Samhain is a very good time for divination).
    Hope I helped 🙂

  3. witchcraft is deffs a complimentary practice for wicca, generally wiccan people are more focused on doing good for the god and godess of the all, and take care of the earth. Witchcraft can be done by anyone, DONT PLAY WITH MAGICK UNLESS ITS GOOD, OR YOUR STUPID AND WANT 3 FOLD:)

  4. When Wicca originated and was being developed in the early to mid 20th century, it was under the mistaken concept that it was a reconstruction of “The Old Religion,” or an old Pagan Witch-cult religion that had gone underground and survived centuries.

    Gardner called his religion Witchcraft; the initiated were “The Wicca”. Gardner wasn’t the only person to use that term, though, it had stemmed from ceremonial magic in the 19th century (though again, it’s origins were mistaken).

    This “Old Religion” was based on the work of Margaret Murray, whose work was debunked by about the 60’s/70’s.

    The way Christianity grew beyond the Roman Catholic Church, Wicca grew beyond Gardner and British Traditional Witchcraft. So different traditions of Wicca (which some BTWs still will not accept as Wicca) began to emerge and branch out.

    Meanwhile, Witchcraft in other traditions grew, and these people did not accept Witchcraft as Gardner put it forth (Wicca), and adamently wanted to disassociate themselvews with Wicca. While some Witches respect Wicca but just don’t feel that it represents them, others outright have no respect for Wicca whatsoever, thinking it is a watered-down new-age commercialized version of Witchcraft. They also resent everyone using Wicca as some kind of poster child for Witchcraft.

    I don’t think Gardner and the early shapers of Wicca, like Doreen Valiente, ever thought Wicca would be separate from Witchcraft, and if you are initiated into lineaged covens (BTW covens with direct lineage back to Gardner) magic will be an integral part of your spiritual practices, but somewhere along the line, around the turn of the 21st century, branches of eclectic/solitary Wicca (or neo-Wicca as it is sometimes called, which basically means non-lineaged, outer court teachings only) began to separate from Witchcraft.

    We understand now that there never was an old religion of Witches passed down through the ages. More people have grown attracted to the spiritual/religious aspects of Wicca but have no interest in learning or practicing magic and many Witches are simply not Wiccan and don’t adhere to the Wiccan religion.

  5. Complimentary.

    Wicca has a short but complicated history and, in the early years, magic was highly associated with the religion, mostly because the founder and first followers were interested in ceremonial magic, belonged to the Golden Dawn, etc… (see Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton for an excellent history of such associations).

    Nowadays, Wicca and witchcraft are very separate. Yes, some Wiccans are also witches, but even then individuals mix the two in varying degrees. Some Wiccans incorporate magic into every single ritual, some keep the two separate and some don’t practise magic at all.

  6. Almost all the answerers have given quite erudite answers. I have only to add that witchcraft is part and parcel of each and every religion,at least religion in practice.All the elaborate offerings and the elaborate ceremonies which really have nothing to do with religion are I think leftovers from the old practices when we changed over to ‘enlightened’ religion and we have somehow found justification for adhering to these practices even in cases the religion positively proscribes it. In Mexico the Christian follow an exercise akin to our yoga and samadhi and claim they are strictly adhering to Christianity.In fact some offshoot of Christianity have even reconstructed Christ to suit these practices.

  7. Witchcraft is a complimentary practice…it is NOT a sole focus of the religion. Witchcraft is an entirely separate practice, and as such can be incorporated into any religion that will accept it. It is most complimentary to Wicca as it adds to the mystery of the religion and is not contradictory to it’s main form of ethics (as it would be in, say, Christianity, where Christianity forbids the practice of occult arts).

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