Tripping With Baba Ram Dass Part 1 of 3

Excerpt from “Here We All Are” written and read by Ram Dass set to an original score and Images available to the public. In part one Ram Dass discusses the story of the Buddha and the Four Noble Truths, giving up craving, and dealing with desire.

14 thoughts on “Tripping With Baba Ram Dass Part 1 of 3

  1. @chrismonkeybus He actually describes himself in this lecture, towards the begining as “sort a christian suffi buddhist hin-jew” I think that the message is one of “many roads”

  2. Does anyone know where I can listen to this talk without all the obnoxious distractions?

  3. Here we go again…. The “audio enhancements” are over the top of annoying.

  4. @wenaolong overated? its simple…simple ideas and declares awareness…im sorry if this beautifull magical life is boring for you. You better go turn on your tv and watch some more american idol.

  5. Buddhism is so overated, especially when expounded by some dude from the West who is eager to “lay it on us”. …. YAWN!!!!!

  6. Yeah, there’s a place within us that already understands. The trap and the liberation are both emanations from the same root, desire. BUT, they are not the same poles of desire, and they are not inevitable as to order. You may become trapped in your “freedom” or you may be free in your “trap”. Think about it.

  7. Notes – Renunciation is giving up attachment. It might be best to do this where we are, living our normal day to day lives.

  8. nce work 😀
    nice music check out my videos and original music 😀 peace hippi

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