3 thoughts on “Are there any good teas, or aromatherapy type things which work well in relieving headaches/migraines?

  1. you are like me. I get headaches about twice a week. I take a tylenol t ablet. Then I take a nap. When I wake up the haedache is gone. Then i go about my day.

  2. the best natural way that I have seen…..buy real undiluted good quality Lavender essential oil. Rub 2 drops into each temple during a migraine. It has stopped it in sufferers more often than not and it happens within seconds.If you are pregnant or have seizure disorder do not use aromatherapy

  3. Some very simple Essential Oils to try are Lavender or Peppermint. You can find 100% pure Essential Oil at your local Natural Food store or metaphysical store. I like NOW Brand or Lotus Brand. I also prefer the smell of Bulgarian Lavender. It smells and feels more earthy.

    Place just a couple drops on your finger and rub into your temples. You may need to dilute the peppermint by using a massage oil, extra virgin olive oil, or grapeseed oil. Do not use regular cooking oil.

    A great book for information is “Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide: Building Immunity, Increasing Longevity, and Enhancing Mental Perfomance with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils” by D. Gary Young, ND. It may be a long title but the information in this book is wonderful! I always refer back to this book for my essential oil needs.

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