24 thoughts on “Atheists: The bridge between atheism and pantheism is very narrow. Why not cross over?

  1. Then how am I supposed to tell everyone how wrong they are all the time?

    Don’t be silly.

  2. You forgot to give us the instructions on how to arbitrarily believe in something beyond belief.

  3. As long as there’s no supernatural hocus-pocus, I could call a toothpick god.

  4. Because not everything is god. Also it seems like the complete opposite of atheism which is another reason.

  5. Why? We already have terms like “universe,” and “cosmos.” Why should I confuse things by relabeling everything “God?” I don’t believe the universe as a whole is a sentient thing, so why give it a label that has historically been thought to apply to a sentient being?

  6. Pantheism believes in a God , Atheism does not.
    Get educated.

  7. They were abused as children. Most of them grew up as what could be called the “whipping boys” of the church, so they are bitter against God.

  8. why do you assume the stance of atheism is negative, and theism (in some degree
    ) is positive. atheism isnt negative in itself, in fact there are some very good atheists, there are negative individuals though that can portray atheism as a pessimistic world view. i’m happy and nothing is missing

  9. Universe is the word I use for everything.

    Everything is the universe. As I already have a word for everything, and my definition of god is either a magical human or something transcendent of the everything I name “Universe” then there is really no call for me to change my semantics arbitrarily.

  10. I don’t think relabeling ‘everything’ to ‘god’ is very useful, productive, or sensible.

  11. Because the notion that everything is god just does not ring true to me.

    Nice to see someone admitting that the Church has `whipping boys` though.

  12. because if everything is god then the concept of god becomes meaningless and you might as well be an atheist

  13. Because that violates occam’s razor by latching on an unnecessary step.

    and actually there’s a huge difference, it’s called evidence. What’s the evidence that the trees, birds, rain, rocks, etc. are god(s)? There is none so I will remain with not believing so.

  14. To do that I would have to have belief that a god exists and I don’t

  15. i dont see that as narrow at all the are polar opposites, one is a beleif in everything being god, one is no beleifs in any god
    the narrow is in the decision making, which we all do, so the same narrow line, is also narrow for everone else

  16. I don’t think it’s narrow. Basically, you either believe in god or don’t. They are two ends of the scale. Saying there is no god and then suddenly – “God is everything!” is sort of going from one end of the scale to the other. So your question is wrong. And also, we’re atheists because we’re atheists. Not pantheists. That’s why it’s atheism.

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