A worthy repeat question, will Acceptance bring Peace?

Anything in life that we don’t accept will simply make trouble for us until we make peace with it.
– Shakti Gawain



Peace and Love

14 thoughts on “A worthy repeat question, will Acceptance bring Peace?

  1. Uhh….WE will be the ones to decide whether a question is worthy of repeating, thank you very much.

    And a lack of peace is not inherently a bad thing, as it is the path to change and growth.

  2. So true, but there are exceptions. I can’t accept the behavior of say a killer or child abuser.

  3. No. Has the United Nations brought world peace?

    Consider US and Russia. How many times have they gone back and forth as enemies, allies, enemies, allies…..? Now, tensions are rising again between the two.

  4. morning digi—-if you accept it is peace necessary—-good to see you on board—smile and enjoy the day-hi to the rev also

  5. You’re question is not complete . Acceptance of what ?
    Shakti Gawain is way off his mark . There are a great number of things that we can’t accept . Many are direct opposites , they can’t both be accepted .

  6. accepting that all have different views, and behaving kindly to those of differing views will bring peace

  7. The supporting statement to your question is a bit problematic. Had you quoted the Desiderata – something about having the courage to change what we can change and accept what we cannot – this might help clarify the question a bit (Sorry I cannot really quote lines by memory).

    Anyway, the notion that acceptance brings peace (plus your supporting statement) is too much a simplification of a complex idea that is peace. Acceptance in some contexts, may keep you away from trouble but it would not necessarily solve anything. The next thing I could imagine is the unwavering determination of a slave to take the blows of the master!

    Can we just accept everything so that we can have peace? I do not think so. We also need some courage to change what we can.

  8. Namaste !
    ‘Peace’ can be defined as the ‘Positive Establishment of an Attitude to Coexist in Equality’. In today’s world, this is but a Utopian dream…
    That most definitely does NOT involve blindly making peace, and accepting anything and everything that is thrust upon us by the society and/or fanatics all around us.
    True inner Peace [and that is the only one that counts, in these troubled days !] can only be found when one is totally able to live according to one’s own conscience.

  9. yes- allowing things to be- surrender
    (but not in the sense of giving in, or allowing things to cause you pain and suffering)

    it means not getting attached to something with judgment -labeling it bad or good..it just is..this is peace

    this brings you into the moment of NOW

    and true joy arises from this place…or if it’s a terrible situation like the death of a loved one, you can be at peace, but you won’t be happy…happiness is not peace


  10. Yes..by being the Observer of phenomena and by being Mindfully aware that some are good and some bad, we can then accept that such things exist and experience them without fear..many things are unacceptable and by Observing these we may make valid choices to change those things rather than avoiding them and so burying our heads in the sand as it were..

    Being the Observer then helps us to see things as they truly are allowing wise choice rather than avoiding their sight and then making poor choices..when making decisions I’d prefer to make them with all the facts and plan for the pitfalls as opposed to planning without facing the facts and hoping for a favourable result..

    A Buddhist…

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