How can I increase detail in my lucid dreams?

I have read online (many times) that whenever you are in a dream and realize that you are in a dream (a lucid dream) that detail increases to a point like it is in reality. When I dream it is blurry, and when I realize it is a dream it is still blurry. I am not that experienced in lucid dream and have only had two lucid dreams in the past two weeks but they both were pretty blurry. Is there any way to increase detail in my lucid dreams?

2 thoughts on “How can I increase detail in my lucid dreams?

  1. I lucid dream a lot, I find really fun, to make the dream how I want it. What I do that you could try is closing your eyes in the dream and imagining, a place you want to be.

  2. Yes, in the beginning, I had the same problem. Everything was a blur, like trying to see underwater. I realized two things:

    One, that I was still operating there as though the rules that apply to waking reality apply there. That is, I am shortsighted in waking reality, so I unconsciously expected that rule to apply to DreamTime.

    Two: I fully realized that I was in another Dimension.
    I became more aware (more lucid). In this Reality, the DreamTime, the rules are not based on physical laws of matter, like the law of gravity. This is a Realm of the Astral, where thought and feeling, expectation and desire are All.. Let me say it again: DreamTime operates on your expectation and desire. You desire to see clearly, you EXPECT this to be so, and it IS (and actually when you think about it, this does apply to waking life- its called the Law of Attraction. But over there the results are instantaneous).

    The hard part is keeping this truth firmly forefront in your mind and knowing its truth when confronting something really terrifying in a dream. Its easy to get freaked, lose that focus, that awareness, that lucidity. Keeping that focus,well, its just practice, time in the batting cage as a friend of mine would say.

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