3 thoughts on “How will Obama’s health care plan affect holistic medicine?

  1. no one knows for sure because the final bill has not been written, but my guess is that it will be bad for holistic medicine.

  2. probably it will stay the same unlike the attempt to get universal single payer health care in Ohio which does include both alternative and preventative care and saves a lot of money. The way the bill (which used the input of doctors) is written it pretty much pays for itself.

    They need to look at the great bill Ohio is trying to get on the ballot. I loved it and collected easily 1300 signatures. at least 2 out of 3 people wanted to sign it. Of course, they won’t ever give us the really good stuff as long as big business is running the show.

    Unfortunately, I do not feel what Obama is doing is a good single payer plan as he is trying to appease insurance companies and force people to get insurance and it is just a small step nothing like we could have had if say, Dennis Kucinich had been in charge who is much braver I feel and is the only vegan in congress and very big on alternative health.

    It is a shame as alternative health is much cheaper, safer and in most instances more effective.

  3. With any luck, it will prevent insurance for ever paying for that nonsensical crap. I hate knowing that my premiums are higher because the company is paying out money for quackery.

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