My girlfriend has PTSD and I have strong empathic concern. How do we cope?

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my girlfriend has PTSD. She has been through a traumatic situation and shows all the symptoms. She’s only shared her trauma with me and her oldest sister. One night we were having an argument and she had an emotional shut down. I could FEEL the bad memories surge through her mind. How do I cope with this and how do I help her without upsetting her?

1 thought on “My girlfriend has PTSD and I have strong empathic concern. How do we cope?

  1. Just realize that while you’re trying to cope with this, she’s trying to cope with more, having actually been through whatever she experienced, and having the actual PTSD.
    I know how hard it is being the partner of someone with PTSD. The feelings of helplessness, because there really isn’t much you can do besides be there for her when she needs you.
    Don’t force her to talk about her trauma, but do listen when she wants to talk. You can ask her questions, but don’t push if you hit a sore spot. Take what she tells you and always take it into consideration when talking to her, so you avoid hitting things that may trigger her PTSD.
    Hopefully she is in therapy, but if she isn’t, and doesn’t want to be, that it her choice.

    Again, all you can do is be there for her, but it’s so much more important than you think. Being there to cry on, being a dependable outlet for her emotions, will mean a lot.

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