What is the reasoning for pantheism?

No offense intended at all. But, I really am baffled by the reasoning for pantheism.

To me, the hypothesis of “the deity is the universe itself” is just as weak as any other hypothesis of deity(ies). No evidence to start with. It is a hypothesis that can never be proved or disproved so why do some accept it to be true?

We do not accept the hypothesis of the Celestial Teapot’s existence just because it has been hypothesized, do we?

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  1. Pantheists I’ve come across are generally reasonable, rational people.

    I don’t however get why they are pantheists either – the whole idea just seems like a way to be agnostic without needing to be quite so assertive about it.

  2. I think the Celestial Teapot, is the Big Dipper???…. Uh… that’s not theorized, or hypothesized (can I use that for my band name?)… It’s real.

  3. Well, luckily it’s not a religion so much as a cosmological outlook.

    As most cosmological outlooks can not be proven or disproven, mearly adapted to the facts at hand, there’s no reason not to accept that you believe it to be possible.

    Just because it’s possible, and you believe it, doesn’t mean it’s truth though. Just a possibility that seems logical to the individual.
    Many people get lost looking for ‘truth’ because of that distinction.

  4. ever thought that requirement of evidence is a hypothesis itself? probe deeply to discover everything you know now is grounded on nothing or equally weak base.

    think conversely, do you accept the universe? if so, and universe is same as deity, then deity exist. the universe is all around you all the time, same as the deity.

    pantheism has powerful explanatory power in unifying different beliefs. don’t make the mistake of personalize god as in some human-like entity sitting on a throne somewhere throwing lightning bolts to sinners. think of it just of another way of saying universe. for example, god is universe and is everything, you know from Einstein that E=mc^2 so all is energy and indestructible. christian may claim christian god differs from say, Islam, differ from say, the sun god, perhaps that are all the same god as pantheism suggest. just like in different language, they are different ways of saying apple and pronounce the word, but the real object is the same. god is love, compassionate and light, and each of the forementioned religion all claimed the same in their scriptures. if you thought about it logically, if god is really everything and all there is, then any outside god cannot possibility exist so each of the religious gods are the same god, the same eternal energy, the same thing. perhaps science is saying the same, just yet in another perspective with different notion. that’s pantheism, it does not exclude to justify guns, conflicts, and rivalry. we are all bits of the same energy in different states, a mini and younger version of the grand universe if you will. to put it more poetically, a son or image of god.

  5. It’s not so much that the universe comprises ‘god’ but that there is a ‘oneness’ to the universe. I know that sounds very similar. I think that the problem lies in the affinity of many people to associate the word ‘god’ with the traditional skydaddy type god.

    I’m not comfortable with the ‘accept to be true’ bit though. There’s very little that I ‘accept’ to be true, but quite a bit that I ‘believe.’ I don’t like to be ‘that guy(girl?)’ that asserts that my opinion is true because I say so. I certainly don’t expect others to believe the same things I do, and I’m in no way 100% sure of it.

    Here’s a link to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Pantheism if you’re interested. Interesting article, albeit very long and dense: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pantheism/

    It’s much better at explaining it than I am at 3am after two or three drinks.

    No offense taken. I enjoy people questioning my beliefs. Only way to make sure I remember to not take fact vs. opinion for granted. Peace.

  6. I guess I am a pantheist, so follow me through the explanation and I hope you get the idea.

    Life is Dual(ism) and we search for Oneness through maturing. Metaphorically speaking, we search for the Garden of Eden we can not return to (because of Kerubin 🙁 ).

    As child, we search for Oneness with Mother. Mother is our God. Her Love is Unconditional. It is the essence of our existence. Notice that the first Pagan Gods were Goddesses of Fertility and Earth.

    Further as we mature, from instinctive to rational, we become more individual and opening to the society – outer world. Our father, God-Father, gains importance in our search for Oneness. His Conditional Love; patience and tolerance, leads us toward the outer world, toward becoming fully mature individuals. The most important Pagan Gods or first Monotheist Gods were male Gods of Thunder, Sun, War or Sky.

    We become God-I. Spinoza, founder of pantheism, died too young to form a religion or a religion to be formed from his philosophy. But well, Buddha died much before Buddhism.

    Then we become God-All Humans.

    God-All Life

    God-Everything. The pantheist definition is God is Everything is God. God symbolizes that concept. I personally argue that God is Everything and that such definition needs a historical modification, since God is just a part of the One Spirit (Brahman, Great Spirit) 😛

    God is Love. We can experience Oneness through maturest Love. Love creates and nourishes Life.

    That is the Enlightenment. Of course, it is rationally explainable. But, the trick is to actually feel that.

    Religion is the reflection of maturing of a society. Societies are made of individuals… If you figure that somehow the appearances of all religions follow a certain linear time table, then you would know where to place pantheism.

    It is like climbing a mountain and being able to see the interconnection of the surrounding as Oneness. This video and the comments below, gives the idea:




    It is true that most of the people of today believe in a “skydaddy type god”. Pantheism is more the “knowing about enlightenment” than its immature form “belief”. I find it bizarre for a pantheist to say “I believe that God is Everything is God.

    The most mature stage of Philosophical Knowledge is “knowing to know nothing”. Enlightened people (either through meditation or acting along God principles) have no time-all the time for YA 😛

  7. Proof I hear you say…

    Evidence that God, or at the least an all encompassing force MAY WELL EXIST if you look at a not only the newest findings of sub atomic and quantum physics, but also at the works of scientists who do think ‘outside the box’ such as Fred Alan Wolf, Dr. Masaru Emoto and countless others. A Recent poll conducted within New Scientist magazine (sorry forgotten which volume) has shown that 93% of physists working within these specialised fields (who were once atheists have changed their beliefs to agnosticism

    When you break everything down to a sub quantum level everything is the same, all matter, time, the universal forces – it is merely energy. We are all (quite literally) made of stardust.

    It has already been proven that the mind can affect experiments at a quantum level e.g shooting electrons from particle accelarators (now just remember these quantum particles are the building blocks of the universe). There is no proof that this is caused by the physical brain as proximity to the experiment makes no difference. This may be caused by a yet unmeasurable force within the human body, what some have chosen to call a spirit or soul. Now as this force which affects these quantum particles is independent of the body, why should it not continue to exist just because the body doesn’t?

    Now if everything in the universe is ultimately the same on a physical level, why should these ‘souls’ be any different on a spiritual level. It is also logical that ultimately there is only one soul, and each of us have a part. Like different facets of a single diamond

    Just as the body, (like the Earth or even the universe) has many different cells in many different organs doing many different things, ultimately we still call it the body, which is to a certain extent controlled by an all encompassing force which is your mind.

    Maybe this is ‘God’ – the collective energy, matter and spirit of the universe. Most of us are just to far down the chain to see it…

    This obviously also leads to the conclusion that their is only one ‘God’; Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh are merely how that all encompassing force has been perceived by different cultures throughout time.

    There is no reason to not to believe that sometime in the near future this force may well be measured physically, we’ve just got to figure out what to measure in the first place. Keep in mind that our physical senses themselves are merely tools with limitations.

    In a nutshell, The traditional (biblical…) concept of what is ‘God’ is obviously 2000+ years out of date, but as science gets closer and closer to quantifying the very fabric of the universe, is it purely just close mindedness that causes you to discount the very possiblility that an all encompassing force (God) exists, or lack of education, or what…?

  8. Pantheism acknowledges that human beings as incredibly passionate forms of life. Beyond accurate observation and logical reasoning, a human being is driven by a hunger and thirst to know and, upon discovery, can be and is often struck with intense awe at what he or she finds. Pantheism declares that the only genuine human spirituality is a clearly rational consciousness that connects in deeply meaningful ways with the real, the verifiable, the demonstrably true. It is an attempt to show that the human “spirit” – our passions for our own lives, for other life, and for all of nature – exists and must exist without the perversions of intellect frequently observed in traditional and inauthentic spiritualities involving so-called “supernaturalism”. Pantheism is a natural sort of spirituality which, in my mind and I believe in the minds of most pantheists, is the only genuine spirituality – the intense passions of real life for real existence driving the pursuit of genuine knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less.

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