9 thoughts on “How many gods are there in the Wicca religion?

  1. I believe it’s usually two, but they’re allowed to kind of make it up as they go along.

  2. wicca is so broad and such that their is no telling, some fallow eypition gods other greek or celtic.

    I’ll star in hopes for a better answer.

  3. How many pantheons are there? We are generally polytheistic and most of our gods come from the pantheons of ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Norse, and the Celts.

  4. answer: depends on the Wiccan or Wiccan group.

    Wiccans can be drawn to any pantheon with a multitude of gods and goddesses; Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Norse, etc.

    Some worship a masculine and feminine deity – Lord and Lady, a generic like term.

  5. Traditionally – which is an interesting word to use about a religion that’s 60 or so years old – there are The Goddess and The God. Which manifest as all the universe and as all the ‘named’ Goddesses and Gods.

    Now, this has no roots in any paleopagan religions, which were pretty much all polytheistic.

    In practice, while most Wiccans probably are duotheistic, some are polytheistic, some are monotheistic (seeing the God and Goddess as manifestations of The One), and some are atheist but enjoy ritual.

  6. There are 2, the God and Goddess.

    The many Gods and Goddesses people are talking about are from different Pagan beliefs and cultures, not Wiccan. Wicca is a specific religion, not a make-it-up-as-you-go belief system.

  7. wicca has only the goddess and the god. wiccans often revere more than these two; some are hard polytheists and others view them all as aspects of the divine pair. in ritual, different names will be used at different times, and they will be called by many names sometimes, but only one goddess and one god are called.

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