What are some of the best herbal smokes substituting marijuana?

Okay…so i been hearing about these herbal smokes that work really well and get you high. Do any of you have any experience with one? and where do you think i can get one?

7 thoughts on “What are some of the best herbal smokes substituting marijuana?

  1. theyre expensive.
    and not real marijuana.
    anything trying to copy weed is never going to be the same.
    why not just smoke some natural bud?

  2. Some of them work. Most do not. Either way they are all way too expensive.

    If you really want to try something. Try something called Gold Spice or anything from the same company. They are good.

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  4. They are very expensive. They don’t give you a high anything like weed does. You can get a lot of headaches and you might feel sick or some just don’t do anything. I have only tried a few and I wouldn’t recommend any of them.

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