What do you think about everything being one?

Also the idea that we all are the same thing…like perhaps the collective subconscious? Many are teaching this basic idea today like Eckart Tolle and the Kabbalahists. I understand it’s linked with Hinduism — the eternal self and such. I suppose my question is what do you think about it?

7 thoughts on “What do you think about everything being one?

  1. i believe we are all natural connected.. how?

    we all come from one souce… the big bang

    I am a Scientific (aka Atheistic) Pandeist

  2. Beats the “alien’s spawned us” theory.

    Did you know your avatar looks like and Ewok?

  3. Uniting the whole world is an ideal situation which is highly desirable. But this is not possible until they have a common center for their motivations. We all infact do have a common center but due our illusion and myopic vision we could not see that. That illusion can be dispelled by taking to the process of self realisation seriously.Sankirtan and Reviving the Gurukul system is the solution to unite the world.

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