Can I take Homeopathy Medicines to US ?

I am an Indian student headed to US for Higher Education. I am taking Homeopathy Medicines for sometime for allergies and other health related issues. I would like to know if i can carry them from India to US ? Won’t it be a problem while checking in airport ? Won’t it be mistaken for drugs ? Is Homeopathy recognized in US ? Has anyone carried Homeopathy medicines from any other country to US ? Thanks in advance & thanks for your time. Cheers !

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  1. You shouldn’t have any problems with the Homoeopathic remedies. If they do ask you what it is, tell them the truth. After all it’s “just a watter” they say.

  2. I don’t know the answer to your question, but it is very important to know that homeopathic medicine should not go through an x-ray machine.

  3. Hi. That’s a good question.

    I’ve not had problems flying in the U.S. The concern is that a remedy will be antidoted from the luggage screening process. Keep them in your pocket, if possible. The walk-thru x-ray machine hasn’t been a problem. When I have flown, airline staff were happy to take them once I explained what they were.

    Worse case scenario is that they’re confiscated. Remedies are readily available in most U.S. cities. If not, though, there’s a wealth of online pharmacies. If it’s an important remedy, you can even place an order before you get here to have on hand in the event your remedies are antidoted or not allowed on the plane.

    I’m an established homeopath with a family practice in CA.

    Best wishes.

  4. I flew from Bangalore to the US two weeks ago with a huge amount of homeopathic medicine so it obviously is possible. As other posters have pointed out, the real problem is that X-Rays like most electromagnetic radiation can antidote the medicine to some degree.

    I too suggest that you carry it on your person if possible since the personal X-Ray is weaker. But as someone else pointed out most homeopathic medicines are readily available, I can provide some links where I get them but you there are many more. In fact, you can even get companies in India to ship them to you, let me know if you want some references for that. It is so cheap in India that it can still work out to be cost effective. But then you will have to be aware that even mail may be X-Rayed and I am not sure what the effect on the potency of the medicine will be.

    Hope that helps.

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