Does anyone know of any good herbal remedies for hirstuism?

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which unfortunately causes excess facial hair growth. I am disgusted and frustrated with this problem. I’ve tried the pill(side effects didn’t agree with me) and I can’t affort the pricey hair removal treatments. Can anyone out there offer me any advice for this problem? I wonder if anyone has tried any supplements or herbal remedies that have worked?

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  1. Hirsutism is caused by excess of androgens in the body of the woman. It can be caused by exposure to androgens in diet and environment. It can also be caused by excess stress which really affects the whole body not just your mind. It can also be caused by hypothyroidism which causes a host of other problems in the body. It can be accompanied by tumors or not.

    Hirsutism can cause social anxiety and mental distress because of how women, women’s body and “beauty” are viewed in society.

    I have had hirsutism for the last 5-6 years. I am 31 at the moment so it’s definitely not a menapause or age related thing. At first it was minimal, and so I attributed it genetics. but about a couple of years ago, my hair started growing so profusely and rapidly that it scared the crap out of me. I did some research and took some herbs that literally slowed down and sometimes even stopped the growth. I also discovered that I had hypothyroidism which is part of the cause of the hirsutism. Also, intense mental stress, which had a lot to with my social and family environment and with traumatic experiences of childhood, caused my body to react the way it did.

    I still take the herbs because it takes time for the herbs to effect the system and heal it. I believe that the right medication, lifestyle, diet, environment, mindset, can all help to heal the disease.

    I use Saw Palmetto quite a bit. A tea or decoction of the following herbs is quite helpful.

    Vitex Chaste Berry
    Saw Palmetto
    Black Cohosh
    Goat’s Rue
    Stinging Nettle
    Pygeum Africans
    Schizandra Berry

    I also take other herbs that all affect the sexual hormones of the female body. For example, the following herbs really help with my painful menstrual cycle and general overall hormonal health… which in turn helps the issues of hirsutism amd hypothyroidism.

    Dong Quai
    Schizandra Berry
    Shatavari etc.

    I take things that help with hypothyroidism which can be a cause of hirsutism.

    Seaweed especially Bladderwack
    helps a lot.

    I also take things that help to de-stress the system.

    Gotu Kola
    St. John’s Wort
    Flax seeds
    almonds or almond oil etc.

    Raw foods help a lot. I absolutely do not use non-organic dairy. I am even picky with the organic dairy that I buy for not all organic companies allow a healthy diet and lifestyle for the cows. I would recommend, if you can do it, getting off dairy completely for a while. It helps slow down the hair growth. Only do organic foods and cut out sugar. If you want to do sugar than I have found maple syrup, honey, agave to be better substitutes. I also found Rapunzel Rapadura to be an excellent and more nutritious substitute for regular sugar.

    Don’t forget exercise especially Yoga helps a lot. And so does meditation. Creating a soothing sacred environment in you home and work place if possible really helps to heal the mind and body. We are really unaware of how our environment and the people we are around affects our bodies and minds.

    I would also recommend staying away from regular cleansers, bleaches, detergents and switching to more natural products that don’t hurt the body. We may not realize it but they do end up in our system and affect the organs of hormone secretions. Minimizing use of plastic, styrofoam and other such volatile materials that break down easily and get into our food, water and body directly affect our hormonal health. I no longer use plastic bottles or eat in or with plastic materials. I no longer use the microwave to heat food. I filter my water with a reverse osmosis filter which is very important.

    By the way, a lot of the hormones injected into the cows get defecated and urinated out of the their system and end up in our water supply. It takes months for them to break down and they don’t get filtered out before they come through our tap.

    Also, doing liver, kidney and colon cleanses helps quite a bit. Liver health and balance is really important for metabolizing all the hormones and what not in our system.

    These are some ways that have helped and are still helping me to heal from hypothyroidism and hirsutism. It takes time but it works.

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