Time wave zero with the I ching

Time wave zero with the I ching

About time wave zero, a grath using the i ching , that Terence Mckenna came up with from an ayahuasca experience back iin the 70ties. It shows when singularity who happen and it is on the date of the end of the long count myan calendar.

  1. InfinityOEMar 27, 2011

    Thanks for the upload… Great video. Definitely some novel information in this video compared to others on Youtube.

  2. eial777Mar 27, 2011

    I want to know how he calculated exactly “the line”. Does anybody know? Is there a source / a paper somewhere?

  3. peakstateMar 27, 2011

    Good video:)

  4. DREDD2001ADMar 27, 2011

    Very informative. Thank you for posting

  5. 777TIZZableMar 27, 2011

    Very Interesting !!!!!!

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