3 thoughts on “What do these 4 pillars mean according to the Chinese Astrology?

  1. The animal signs assigned by year represent what others perceive you as being or how you present yourself. It is a common misconception that the animals assigned by year are the only signs, and many western descriptions of Chinese astrology draw solely on this system. In fact, there are also animal signs assigned by month, day, and hours of the day. The combination of one’s birth year, month, day and hour are a part of the ‘four pillars’ of Chinese astrology which determine one’s fate.
    To sum it up, while a person might appear to be a dragon because they were born in the year of the dragon, they might also be a snake based on their birth month and an ox based on their birthday and a Ram based on their birth hour.

  2. If anyone is interested in the authentic Four Pillar that has 2,000 years of history and is practiced in Chinese ethnic communities around the world, we never discussed at the level of animal signs.

    Some in the Western world took birth year animal signs and forced upon other pillars. This is not the way it’s done in the authentic approach.

    It has to have ying/yang, elements, season of year, and gender information – directly from birth year, month, day, time, gender. When you got to elements and animal signs pairs, the required information is already lost.

    For those who easily go for some unfounded theories on a web site for fun, so be it. For those who have genuine interests in picking up the real Ba Zi (Four Pillar) knowledge, please do not fall for the misleading and incorrect approach.

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