What those it mean when people say that Reiki healers use their heart chakra to heal?

Im a Reiki 2 practitioner and I have heard tons of people say that most Reiki Practitioners heal from their heart chakra. What does this mean? When I do Reiki I just feel the energy project through me.

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8 thoughts on “What those it mean when people say that Reiki healers use their heart chakra to heal?

  1. You’re a level 2 practitioner. You should be able to tell me what that means. When would you normally learn what it means? Level 3?

  2. It means that they, like all other so-called “practitioners” of reiki are utter frauds.
    There is no such thing. Just like everything else that is “supernatural” or “psychic” it’s all just a scam designed to bilk gullible morons out of their money…

    Edit; “Im a Reiki 2 practitioner”

    Yeah, and I’m a level 10 Dragonborn Paladin… Oh, wait, I really am!

  3. It means you haven’t studied it long enough. There is no Reiki without an Iki to begin with.

  4. Re: The Canadian Atheist

    If Reiki didn’t work, the practice would have died out a long time ago. Rather, it’s increasing in popularity. Take a course and see for yourself. Unless you’ve actually had experience by practicing it, your opinion has absolutely no value.

  5. They are incorrect. Receiving a Reiki attunement opens a person’s crown chakra to channel Reiki, which then flows into the crown and out the hands. However I believe many Reiki practitioners use their heart chakra during a healing to help guide their hand positions and listen for their patient’s pain points. Hugs and blessings! ~MorningStar

  6. Hello

    It means that it is the heart chakra that the healing energy travels through.


  7. Hi there.

    They use this phrase “healing from the heart chakra” to mean one of two things:
    1. that the energy passes through the heart chakra before flowing through their hands; or
    2. that the energy they are channeling is given from the heart.

    According to the traditional (Japanese) teachings of Reiki – and yes, these are based on solid research, not some nonsensical story that has passed through 50 or so teachers and had changes made to it along the way – the spiritual energy actually enters our bodies through the top of the head and moves to an area called the hara (a few centimetres below the belly button) before coming up through the arms and out the hands.

    The chakra system (based on ancient hindu beliefs) has been added to the system of Reiki by people who had learned about chakras somewhere else (not through Reiki training). They added in talk of chakras because it seemed to make sense with the energy they were working with and made it easier for them to describe what they thought was happening during Reiki treatments and attunements.

    The reality of it is that “chakras” were not discussed bythe founder of Reiki – Usui. At that time, he was likely to have discussed a system based on Japanese principles – the major hara (or energy) centres, located in tha abdomen, heart and middle of the forehead. These do equate with the base, heart and third eye chakras, talked about by many members of the New Age movement.

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