Which is better “Palmistry”, “Oracle or Tarot Cards”, “Astrology” or Numerology ? and WHY ?

Question by Queen of Hearts: Which is better “Palmistry”, “Oracle or Tarot Cards”, “Astrology” or Numerology ? and WHY ?
My Answer is : Palmistry and Oracle Cards because for me It was completely Accurate

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Answer by greeneggsandsam
i don’t like numerology, too vague. don’t know anything about palmistry, cept they use your palms. nothing about tarot cards. and i know a bit about astrology, and it’s not entirely accurate, but it can be. its usually dead on about my personality, a little off though. as for physical appearence or “destiny” i don’t believe in that.

so i guess the palm thing, because everybody palm is different. but i dont know much about it.

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3 thoughts on “Which is better “Palmistry”, “Oracle or Tarot Cards”, “Astrology” or Numerology ? and WHY ?

  1. I’m not sure that I understand this question. Do you really truly want to know?

    Are you asking for points of view or do you seek facts? Do you want hearsay and stories? Or do you want real science to confirm? Any type of divination can easily be tested not only for accuracy but to see if they work at all.

    Is it better to believe it works because you want it to work or you know that it works because the evidence speaks for itself?

  2. Astrology is Too complex for me….I do understand some, and use it along with Numerology (which I use. I like it. Pretty right-on).
    I’ve done Tarot, pretty accurate also, but I got into trouble with it.
    So I got rid of my cards…I must have been inviting trouble!
    I looked over Palmistry—couldn’t get it.
    I don’t know about ‘Oracle’….:)

  3. Each one is good in their own way. Tarot and Oracle are better for general readings.

    Numerology and Astrology go into your life purpose, your lessons and obstacles.

    I would say a combination of cards and either astrology or numerology would be good for all around information.

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