why is science so separate from spirituality?

you would think that in our nature as humans for as long as we have been around and associated with spirituality. science would do its part to explain why we are spiritual in the first place rather than saying “spirituality is wrong” AND that the only thing that there could possibly be is what is within our observable universe.

is it impossible that another universe could interfere with ours?

i don’t want to dodge any question i asked here.
jake m: that has nothing to do with my question.

6 thoughts on “why is science so separate from spirituality?

  1. they’re seperate because science deals with evidence and facts. spirituality just deals with peoples opinions. ie evolution vs creationism. evolution is a proven scientific fact while creationism is just an opinion.

  2. I don’t think science is separate from spirituality. However, science has a foundation of repeatable testing and results and spirituality as such does not lend itself to scientific testing.

    “is it impossible that another universe could interfere with ours?” – no, in fact, this is a component of the current most widely accepted model of our universe.

    I’m not sure who you speak of when you quote science. Science is not a person or even a group of people. Science is the collection of thoughts and testing done by people around the globe. Many scientists are spiritual. Many who study the complexity of our world from living things to the parts of an atom are in awe and get a spiritual lift from that.

  3. Science doesn’t know the answer therefore says spirituality does not exist. In other words, they are saying that just because you can’t see what’s behind the curtain…that you must assume there is nothing there. Even in scientific reality, if there is a curtain, the curtain of wonder and not knowing where we came from, then we should suspect, and we should follow our intuition, because deep down we know we can depend on it…Whatever it is.

  4. spirituality was created in the beginning of our intellectual awaking to explain things we didn’t know or comprehend..as for saying its wrong i just haven’t heard many scientist say it is..i don’t know about you but observable universe?last time i checked i know everything is made up from molecules but i sure haven’t observed any….

  5. I think this has to do with how the term Spirituality is defined by Science. Spirituality is usually associated with either religion or mysticism, which both typically rely on some sort of belief system. This provides little room for study or experimentation, which are the foundations of the material sciences.

    However, there are hundreds of “Spiritual methods”, and in order to properly define such a general term like Spirituality, you have to investigate it for yourself. There is actually a Spiritual method that’s approach is scientific, involving the study of the perception of reality, and why we are Spiritual. It’s a blueprint of how we experience life through our limited state of consciousness, and how we can achieve higher experiences of consciousness by changing our internal qualities, which mold the reality we see. Check these links out:




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