17 thoughts on “Healing with Crystals and Stones

  1. Serious question: construction grade sand is made of quartz crystals, just not large ones, obviously, but zillions of small ones. Natural quartz crystals-as this sand is typically mined. Would this not have a beneficial effect? Would not homes made of such masonry be naturally helpful, compared to say-wooden homes? Why would one need MORE crystals, then, if so? One would be SURROUNDED by crystals-literally.

  2. Although I think it’s beautiful, for some reason I do not like to wear or handle Fluorite. It has a ‘spiky’ ‘nervous’ energy in my opinion.

  3. when i was young i found a tigerstone on the side walk and my mother always find arrow heads on beaches

  4. Where i can get in UK white stones, i need them to be smooth as well and big as mine hand(fist) any help fo me?

  5. What are phantom crystals used for? I got this clear quartz phantom with some weird dark rock growing in it and the stuff above that is like the one in the video, but nearly invisible and they had little white dots forming the points inside the crystal. haha I got it for a buck. This guy didn’t know what he was selling. He thought it was crap! xD

  6. @starseedlightworker so wearing the crystals as jewelry has some healing properties or emits positive energy

  7. No, Natural Crystals are very old and grow very slowly, some are millions of years old. If you use lab grown for gemstones it different, but they don’t have any healing qualities. Even my gemstones I rather have natural ones

  8. can you use labratory grown crystals? because most gemstones ar made with aluminum oxide and i can recreat the natural process that make them may i use this?

  9. hmm not my beliefs i personally say that it all works through the mind but my thought on crystals is that it allows your mind to do the healing that the mind can do but still very interesting i enjoy listening to other methods

  10. I love the tone of your voice and interesting information (never heard about green fluorite clearing the house energy before, I’ll try it, thanks! 0Just a suggestion – it would be much easier to watch your video if visuals and narration were syncronised – if you showed the crystals which you are talking about at that time…I had to look the other way from the screen to concentrate on your narration…

  11. I am also interesting in crystals for a year now. I have many crystaly. But i still cant fell their energy. 🙁 How can i lear that? Can it be learned?

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