Can someone explain how homeopathy “medication” works?

Question by ღღ Cupcakez – Jayden’s Mommy: Can someone explain how homeopathy “medication” works?
I have looked up information online about how homeopathy “medication” works, but I just do not understand it at all. Can you explain it in a simple way? As an example, I have a homeopathic cough and cold medication for my child and it seems to work well, but the “ingredients” and numbers next to them do not make sense to me. Why is homeopathic medication not recognized by the medical community?

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Answer by cat38skip
That’s simple: It Doesn’t Work!
Unless you can show a double blind study that shows that it performs any better than a placebo, It Doesn’t Work.
can You say ~ Snake Oil ????

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  1. Homeopathy is bullshit! If your child got better it had nothing to do with any “medicine” the fruit loops selling that crap supplied you.

  2. It doesn’t work. The idea is, you get a remedy that will mimic the symptoms of whatever is ailing you. You then dilute that remedy in water, (usually) vigorously shaking between each dilution, until nothing is left but water. You then take that water and put a drop on an inert pill.

    It is not recognized by the medical community because it is not medicine. It is a placebo only.

    Homeopaths like to claim it a success based on how many people use it or how many people it has “cured.” The truth is, a lot get better on their own and seek help when at their worst; this makes it seem like homeopathy works for some cases. Popularity of something is not a validation of its effectiveness.

    Edit: @Sudhakar: Would you care to explain how it does work, seeing as we’ve done such a poor job of it? People who were accidentally born into positions of false authority have no bearing on its validity.

    Edit: Notice how none of these homeopaths have explained how it works? They resort to name calling and logical fallacies in their arguments.

  3. It’s not recognized by the medical community because it is hocus-pocus dribble. The ingredients are based on the idea that water has memory. There is a reason why you can’t wrap your head around that idea – because there is no way it can make sense.

  4. Homeopathy has been around for approximately 200 years, and it hasn’t evolved as our understanding of physiology (how the body works) and physics has increased. The law of similars (like cures like) is a core principle in homeopathy. From present day understanding of physiology we know, that this principle has no biological basis, but this was not self evident 200 years ago.
    It is also a misnomer to call it a holistic system. A homeopath prescribes remedies based on symptoms. And the more symptoms you have, the more remedies will be prescribed. It is a symptom based system in the extreme – not a holistic system.

    Another core principle is, that the effect gets stronger the more the remedy is diluted (and shaken vigorously (succussed)). From present day knowledge, we know that nothing else in nature gets stronger when diluted and succussed. But again this was not self evident 200 years ago. Today we understand, that something that has an effect in concentrated form will not have this effect if sufficiently diluted. And homeopathic remedies are so diluted, that not a single molecule of the original substance is present.

    Nowadays many homeopathic remedies are adminstered as pills. I am not sure if they did that 200 years ago, but it is an absurdity of modern homeopathy. At some point in the manufacturing process, a drop of water (the diluted and succussed remedy) is dripped on the pill, which is then left to dry. Today we understand, that when the pill is dry, the water has evaporated.

    Many diseases waxes and wanes (Regression to the mean), so if a homeopath says it can take some time to work he will be correct in many instances, but not because of the remedies. Part of the effect some people experience from taking homeopathy is attributable to the placebo effect (Attributable to expectation, conditioning, endorphins etc.). To know if homeopathy works beyond waxing/waning and placebo you have to do “Randomised blinded placebo controlled studies”. When you do that, it turns out, that homeopathy can’t do anything that any other placebo can’t do.

    So homeopathy is based on 200 years old ideas, that present day understanding tells us are wrong. The pills are without the “active” substance (The pills are dry), and studies without bias are unable to demonstrate any effect beyond placebo of the homeopathic remedies.

  5. The homeopathic medicine worked well for your children is a proof enough that it works and it is
    not a placebo effect as these angry nit picking scavengers of a troll telling you otherwise. The
    ingredients printed on the bottle is the name of the medicine and the numbers are potency of the
    medicine. These allopathic quacks would not know a thing about them and are merely influenced by the strong propaganda of the drug industry. Ignore them, just think the queen of England has
    homeopaths as the Royal Physicians and not a poisonous chemical drug pusher – this woman who
    ruled over so many countries in the past is smart enough to know what is good for her from bad
    that is being labelled as medicines. Learn from the Royalty and be saved.
    Good luck and God bless. Cheers! ;o)

  6. Once upon a time, I had a cold. It rained later that day, and my cold soon abated. How did the rainstorm cure my cold?

    It didn’t. Just like the homopathic placebo water didn’t cure your child- it was merely around at the right place/right time.

    Now, some people will claim that the rainstorm cured my cold because rainstorms have been around for thousands of years, or because the ancient Bakalakadakastanis performed rain dances, or because rainstorms have a place in pop culture, or because it rains a lot in England and the Queen Mum must know what she’s doing…

  7. Despite skepticism for homeopathic medicine, this treatment is becoming more and more popular worldwide. And there are many doctors who prescribe alternative medicine. 60% of doctors’ surgeries in Scotland alone prescribe homeopathic or herbal remedies, according to a study of nearly two million patients, published in the December issue of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. >>>

    Understanding homeopathy >>>

  8. Homeopathy does not have proof that it works aside from some poorly designed clinical trials and lots and lots of anecdotes. You story about how it works on your kid is an example of an anecdote. A cough or a cold will go away on it’s own without the need for any medication. You mistakenly attributed the kid getting better to the homeopathy remedy when in fact it was actually the child’s wonderful immune system that fought off the infection.

    Ask any homeopath how their “medication” works and not one of them will be able to give you a definite answer. They will make some noise about the water remembering the substance or make some references to quantum physics but in reality, this water memory has never been proven and physicists roll their eyes whenever these quacks use the term quantum erroneously.

    tl, dr: The medical community does not recognize homeopathy because it has no proven mechanism of action and all evidence of its effectiveness are limited to anecdotes and poorly-done studies.

    edit: Someone here said, “microdoses stimulate the body to heal itself.” Yes, I’ve heard that before but when I ask for specific details on how it does that this person has been very very silent. I’ll ask her again later and call her out on some of the more ridiculous things she has said.

  9. By definition it can’t, because it doesn’t contain a single molecule of active ingredients, its contrary to all the principles of science.
    Your child will get better by itself anyway but you’ll probably attribute it to 200 year old bunk rather than your child’s own defence mechanism.
    To date there has not been any cure found for the common cold (regardless of what these super quacks say) just ways to treat symptoms which homeopathy wouldn’t even be able to help with.

  10. It doesn’t.

    It’s not recognized by the medical community because it’s failed to succeed in any properly designed trial- repeatedly. It also violates every basic law of science and then some.

    Colds are viral and improve over time, you’ve confused that with the homeopathic stuff you gave her.
    @ flora: You said, “it does work !!!”
    Care to provide evidence?

    “It is a bit like retaining memory of a substance and using it like a vaccine.”
    Actually it’s nothing like vaccines. Vaccines contain an antigen which induces an immune response. Water won’t do that. Homeopathy (essentially water) contains no active ingredients. There is no evidence that water has memory either.

    Homeopathy has never been demonstrated to work in animals.

    Arnica isn’t homeopathic.

    Clearly you don’t understand what being open minded is. You are closed minded because you refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence showing it is bunk.

    “Much easier to dismiss what you do not understand rather than look into it !”
    Er, it’s been looked into and tested ad nauseam. It don’t work.

    “Have we discovered everything now ?? methink not !”
    No. However, lets be clear: It’s not a case of homeopathy working and science being unable to explain the mechanism; homeopathy has NEVER been demonstrated to work in any decent trial. It’s not going to magically start working later is it?

    @ Nosey: When you are unable to support your argument with evidence, resort to fallacies. FAIL

    Edit: Er…I live in Europe. In the UK specifically. Homeopathy isn’t “new” it’s over 200 years old and has been failing RCTs pretty much ever since it’s invention.

  11. it does work !!!

    It is a bit like retaining memory of a substance and using it like a vaccine.

    The medical community is always scared of anything it does not understand or threatens sales lol !

    Studies have been done on placebo effect is nil here.

    I think one of the best example of homeopathic medicine which is WIDELY USED EVEN BY DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS IS,,,,,,,,ARNICA !!! FOR SWELLING ! It is so known and yet people do not know that it is a homeopathic remedy !

    LOADS of alternative remedies are not recognised because people are simply not open minded and bucks matter too !!

    Acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, iridology etc etc…threaten the medical community who thinks they know it all.

    Much easier to dismiss what you do not understand rather than look into it !

    Have we discovered everything now ?? methink not !…ah ah !!! Some countries like the UK and others are well ahead than the Americans..

    What is considered “new” sometimes in North America has been in use for decades in Europe !!!

    BBC UK…has lots of info !!! lol !!

  12. You don’t understand it at all, you have said. Yes it is not easy to understand. It is very cryptic and you have to have a spiritual bent of mind otherwise you won’t go beyond body and mind. The higher states are intellect and then turiya. If you believe only what you can feel by five senses i.e seeing, hearing,smelling.tasting and touch, then you can’t understand Homoeopathy. It’s understanding is much higher than the concept of five senses. One thing I must advise you not to buy any medicine over the counter on the prescription of a layman i.e a quack. You will only be disappointed. Must consult an able Homoeopath for a rapid, gentle and permanent cure.

    Who is the medical community not to recognize Homoeopathy? It is the Homoeopathy which does not recognize the unscientific and random treatment by allopathy because it only suppresses the ailment, thereby sometimes palliating but never curing.

  13. The “microdoses” in Homeopathic remedies stimulate your body to heal itself — unlike major material doses of pharmaceutical drugs which merely suppress symptoms and don’t actually cure anything.
    The best website for accurate info. on Homeopathy is
    Homeopathy is the major competition to drug based medicine. Sure it’s recognized — as a major threat to the obscene profits of drug companies! To that end they hire “social networking” trolls and shills (whole bunch who’ve already posted here) to post defamatory comments. Some of them try to pose as “doctors” or “medical students” or “pharmacists”.
    Many conventional MD’s also practise Homeopathy, and in India, Homeopathy and conventional medicine are taught at the medical schools.
    There are some excellent beginner books on Homeopathy by Miranda Castro, Asa Herschoff and Dana Ullman.
    Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of medicine with over 25,000 volumes of cured clinical cases written up. It’s used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and is the second most utilized medical system (just behind drugs). Over 200 modern medical trials show how successful it is. And the growth rate is over 20 per cent a year.

  14. As mentioned, if left alone coughs and colds cure themselves.

    The critical thing here is: Homeopathy is NOT used in hospitals because it doesn’t work.

    Homeopathy is in sharp decline and soon funding for it in the UK will end, as there’s no evidence it works: and UK politicians are now calling for it to end:

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