What is the relation between a sun sign (“goals”) and moon sign (“mind”)?

Question by Bio: What is the relation between a sun sign (“goals”) and moon sign (“mind”)?
Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Capricorn

I am like both, and I love being like Sagittarius, and love freedom and all, and I’m into organization and getting things done right and organizationally. What does it mean when the Sagittarius is my “goal”? Does it mean I desire to be as free and wacko as a Sagittarius, or does it mean that I am that way almost all the time usually?
Does it mean that I act like a Sagittarius and think like a Capricorn?

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Answer by jump on it!
The rising sign is more like your goals, what you want out of life. The sun sign is kind of like the little things in life that make you happy. I think of the sun sign as the road and the rising sign as the destination. The sun sign is the road you want to travel on. The moon sign is your emotional base and how naturally caring you are basically. This is why the moon is represented by Cancer, which is considered the mother of the zodiac. Capricorn is considered the father of the zodiac, so having Capricorn in moon makes you pretty caring but not that sympathetic. It’s strange. You love to make sure people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing which also is why you love organization, but you’re not really a shoulder to cry on like Cancer. Emotionally, Capricorn is known for being extremely strong. It is the mountain goat, and it symbolizes a mountain of emotional strength. It could also make you inconsiderate but very helpful and wise in the end. And then Sagittarius just likes to roam around and explore. It likes being the class clown. These are the things that make you happy. This is where you get your individuality. Sagittarius also likes to be sweet, honest, and articulate. Sagittarius is probably the best speaker. You get your goals from your rising sign. Your sun sign being Sagittarius and moon sign being Capricorn pretty much only says you’re the emotionally strong, sweet, proper, articulate explorer, clown, and father, which I know must be strange to hear since you’re a female. But this is the difference between the father and the mother. The father thinks and the mother feels. Still, the Sagittarius in you makes you a lady.

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