Q&A: What is your “Wish Sun Sign?”?

Question by A: What is your “Wish Sun Sign?”?
If you could be any other sun sign, what would it be and why? You can add in moon sign and rising sign to, if you want too.

Best answer:

Answer by KILLER

i’d like to be minipulative and sexual

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: What is your “Wish Sun Sign?”?

  1. Scorpio-sun

    im quiet satisfied!….

  2. Maybe a Leo sun Gemini moon TAURUS RISING!!!! 🙂

    Why? Because I feel Leo’s are good at voicing their pride/ego and can rally up support much more easier. As an Aries my pride/ego tends to be much more inward and un-voiced. I think I miss many co-operative opportunities because im so focused on “going it alone” like a ram climbing a hill.

    I just think that a Leo sun would better radiate what i’ve envisioned to those around me more. As far as the Taurus rising it just fits me much more then a Cancer rising, but thats due to my Sun & Venus in X house!

  3. aries.
    all my aries bfs have been soooooooooooo sweet. i just wish i was one

    am scorpio, with a taurus rising.

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