Beginner Hatha Yoga Class

Alix Rodrigues – Learn some of the beginning hatha yoga postures that will begin to build your foundation towards a deeper practice. Proper alignment, corrections, and body awareness, plus modifications of each pose will be shown to address common difficulties in performing yoga poses. This yoga class is an excellent foundation to creating a strong practice for a beginner yogi, or to develop greater understanding of various poses for a more experienced practitioner. Yoga postures include Child’s Pose , Easy Pose

Hatha yoga

10 thoughts on “Beginner Hatha Yoga Class

  1. I use a yoga mat that is 1/4″ thick. That usually works for me. Most mats you buy at Walmart or Target or usually 1/8 thick. Sometimes you can use more then one mat or use scraps of ones to put under. You can also order a mat 1/2″ thick. Search for one online. Good luck.

  2. awesome I will try this thank you!! P.S. if you replay at about 2:40 over and over it looks like she is humping haha

  3. why this yoga and meditation ppl always talk like they will melt or something….

  4. I love when she assisted her std and when adjusted the hips, you can see how they moved and get in a square position. I love it

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