Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep ~ Full Class 35 min

Click for DVD – bit.ly .95 for 2 great classes yogayak.com for more free classes. Can’t sleep? This sequence is the ideal remedy for insomnia and late night tension. Andrea guides you gently through this hatha yoga flow that soothes your mind and nervous system to ensure a restful night of sleep. Duration 35 min Benefits: stress release, eases tension in the back, hips and neck, improved sleep Teacher: Andrea MacDonald

23 thoughts on “Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep ~ Full Class 35 min

  1. i just found your channel…thanks for being so generous and placing full sessions for us to view

  2. thanks for helping! 😀 or uh.. I just wanted to get help to get tired and I sure did get tired by listening to that voice.. so luddrisch noe…

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  4. I was great at the relaxation part, i just left out the curling into the fetal position. It’s hard to do as a guy. This was my first time trying yoga, very relaxing, thank you.

  5. อริยสัจ 4 แปลว่า ความจริงที่ดีที่สุด
    มี 4 ประการคือ
    1.ทุกข์ ก็คือ ความเร่าร้อน กระวนกระวาย ไม่สบาย
    2.สมุทัย ก็คือ สาเหตุที่ทำให้มีทุกข์ขึ้นมา
    3.มรรค ก็คือ หนทางที่จะทำให้ทุกข์หมดไป และกระทำจริงๆ
    4. นิโรธ ก็คือ สภาวะที่ทุกข์หมดไป

  6. I’ve been doing this routine every night for a week, it’s so amazing! My body feels great and i haven’t fallen asleep as quickly or slept as well since i was a child.

  7. you try way too hard to make your voice sound calm and relaxing. as a result, it sounds f***ing annoying.

  8. hey! I had that problem the first few times I did this, but found I got use to it. Lying on my back and breathing in slowly and gently helped too.

  9. hi
    i tried this last night, and found i was very calm and relaxed afterwards. however, after going straight to bed, i couldnt get to sleep for at least an hour. my heart rate was quite fast.
    i felt very sleepy the whole time, but couldnt actually get to sleep, any sugestions??

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