Hatha Yoga for Sadness Relief ~ full class ~37 minutes

Click for DVD – bit.ly .95 for 2 great classes yogayak.com for more free video. Sadness happens to all of us at some point . Whether we are simply a little blue, or dealing with life’s more challenging circumstances sometimes daily life becomes hampered by the emotions we hold in our bodies. Regular practice of this flow will stabilize your mood and lift your spirits as well as provide a no-impact dose of fitness! A great PMS and STRESS buster as well, and at only 37 minutes, lack of time isn’t an issue! Andrea guides you through this sequence of twists, back bends, standing postures and pranayama to increase your endorphins, get your blood flowing and focus your mind on the day ahead of you. Final relaxation is combined with a Buddhist meditation to add perseverance and positive thinking to your outlook for the days when it is hard to find it for yourself. Duration 41 min Note: You will need a small, smooth stone that fits into the palm of your hand for final relaxation – be sure to choose your stone before you settle down for your practice. Level: Beginner-Intermediate to Advanced Benefits: soothes anxiety, uplifting, stabilizes mood, decreases PMS symptoms, increases perspective and clarity, increases self-esteem, improves posture, opens shoulders, hip flexors and the heart chakra Contraindications: if you have very low blood pressure, do not over exert yourself during the pranayama portion of this class; modify the poses if you have any shoulder or lower back pain
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Click for DVD – bit.ly .95 for 2 great classes www.yogayak.com for more free classes. There is always a deeper or safer place to go in any yoga practice so there is something for yogis of every level in this Hatha Yoga class with Diane Jacobs. This class is great for beginners but more experienced yogis are encouraged to go deeper into the poses to make is a more challenging flow. With a calming sequence of backbends, heart opening postures and twists you will tone your nervous system and massage your internal organs. The opening postures will reduce the symptoms of PMS. Enjoy a special relaxation at the end as you are guided by Diane’s warm voice, deeping your experience of Savasana and leaving you feeling refreshed and open. This class will still be slightly challenging because of it’s duration. Duration 55 minutes Benefits: opens heart chakra, lengthens the spine, increases lung capacity, reduces anxiety and PMS, tones the nervous system, improves digestion, increases body awareness Contraindictations: if you have any acute shoulder pain or lower back pain, be sure your spine and shoulders are safe at all times; always modify the poses so that you are comfortable Teacher: Diane Jacobs Poses in this Class: Seated Twist Side Stretch Cross Legged Forward Bend Cobblers Pose Lateral Inclined Plane Plank Butterfly Pose Downward Dog Cobra Crocodile Cat Cow (Angry Cat) Child’s Pose Hero Pose Lunge Pose Triangle Pose Wide Legged Forward Bend Wide Legged Windmill Sun God Pose
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 thoughts on “Hatha Yoga for Sadness Relief ~ full class ~37 minutes

  1. I laughed when the geese came in the picture I couldn’t help it lol Good job though!

  2. Thank you for this video. I really like the narration and the big duck that waddles by! Have you considered using essential oils for balancing emotions? I wrote a book called Aroma Yoga, have a website aromayogaguide and I teach how to use therapeutic grade essential oils this all over. Check it out!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. this is the kind of yoga I did when I was little and in college. I would like to feel more at peace and I would try this technqiue but its so expensive in the city so i am trying a few routines I can find here to determine which is going to bring me the best results eg flexiblity and serneity.

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  5. man this kicked my butt, especially down dog.

    Anyone have any tips for loosening up really tight hams? Down dog is near impossible for me even after doing it almost daily.

  6. @0sadbychoice0 I’m no expert but it sounds like you may have released some blockage of sadness in your heart. It is good – you can only move through blockages and darkness by passing through it.

    That is my interpretation anyways.

  7. Thank you for this great yoga video! I added it to my favorites. It gave me calm and peace on my mind.

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  9. Thank you so much for this! It was gentle enough for me to do on my own while on vacation.

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