Cool Runes images

Some cool runes images:

Gift Moon (teach yourself runes part 4)

Image by spratmackrel
The rune Gifu/Gift is more or less an X . The moon is a always a gift.

060222 Rinkeby gold n runes

Image by xjyxjy
Mosaic runes – the futhark and some runic messages with ribbons and symbols.

Olivia Runes

Image by divadea
This set of Elder FUTHARK runes consists of 24 rune pieces plus 2 blank ones. Each one measures about 3/4-inch across and 1/4 thick – the whole set can easily be held in two hands for casting. Made from a polymer clay cane named Olivia.

This set was created for the PCAGOE (polymer clay artists guild of etsy) July 2007 challenge – yep, I actually did something before the last possible minute! The challenge was to create a piece inspired by a favorite summer memory. This item may not bring summer to mind for most people, but my favorite summer memory is being at the beach and browsing the shops for things like tarot cards, runes, and other magickal items.

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