Palmistry-An Introduction to Hand Analysis

Palmistry or art of hand reading is the art or science that shows us the path of self- knowledge, self-help, self- elevation and self-culture. Palmistry diagram is nothing but a map which reflects our personality and personal potential.

Through palmistry diagram of hand one can learn how to interpret from the length of palm, the fingers, the four types of hands, thumbs, marks on fingers, the lines, fingernails, the mounts, timing in the palm, and even the meaning of the rings.

Destiny of fate is supreme. But, with a prior knowledge about your destiny you can shape your own ends. The knowledge of palmistry diagram may make you the makers and shapers of your destiny, and not only its servants and slaves.

This is not only important to know the personal traits lie within you, but it is also important to have a brief knowledge about the persons you are dealing with or may have to deal with in future. This may help you to choose the right person and may stop you to deal with a people who otherwise may cause a great trouble in your life.

Here below, I shall explain how you can judge the characteristics of a person sitting in front of you by seeing the fingertips on his hands. Four types of fingertips are commonly found in people. Basically they are of three types; either square, rounded or pointed. The fourth one is mixture of these three. Square finger tips indicate a person of practical and realistic nature. They are down to earth persons who like method and order. Pointed tips are fairly rare and indicate a person who possess poetic, musical or artistic abilities; the rounded tip belong to average persons.

The next thing is to mark the length of the finger of an individual. Strong fingers belong to people who think and act quickly and can not be bothered with lots of small, fussy details. Long fingers belong to people who think, move and act very slowly. Smooth fingers are on people who are guided their feelings, first impressions. They are quick to think and act. Most peoples have fingers of normal length compared with the size of the palm.

The next important part of palmistry diagrams are different lines found on your palm.

The line of life or life line enables palmists to tell the kind of life followed, whether ambitious, the general health of the subject and the length of life to be expected.

The line of head determines the intellectual capacity and the temperament of the subject. The heart line reveals the strength and weakness of the physical heart as well as the character and nature of love and affection. The fate line or Saturn line indicates the fortune of a person. There are other lines known as Sun line and Mercury line.

Mounts are also integral part of our hands. These are the fleshy portion beneath the base of our fingers. The mount of Jupiter indicates ambition; the mount of Saturn indicates love and prudence; the mount of Apollo indicates inclination towards artistic world; the mount of mercury reveals love of change, travel, invention etc. The mount of Mars tells about courage, presence of mind and self-control.

There are many other components present on our palms. To learn palmistry you must have clear ideas about color of palms, different lines on hands, mounts on the palms etc. The information about these is very useful for our lives. These are very entertaining also.

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