Q&A: Echinacea “Green Envy”?

Question by Rebecca: Echinacea “Green Envy”?
Echinacea “Green Envy” is a variety of Cone flower that starts out green, but turns pink later in the season. It looks like this: http://www.estabrooksonline.com/images/highres/green_envy.jpg.
It’s a very cool plant and I have checked all over and can’t find it. Where is a reliable place to order plants online?

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Answer by douglas
i have not ordered frm these folks but i did call them for said yes they would sell you the plant that you want and they will be willing to help you in getting what you want they have the yahoo seal sothey will probably be good people to deal with

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  1. Nature Hills Nursery, 1-888-864-7663 or order online @ NatureHills .com. They have everything you may want or need for your garden, yard, etc. The catalog is free too. Also their site is very informative for your questions you may have.

  2. Try Wayside Gardens. They are a bit more expensive than others but their plants are always nice when you get them. We’ve also had reasonable luck with Spring Hill Nurseries but don’t count of their customer service to solve a problem without a hassle. They have outsourced it to India and you’re doing good to get someone who speaks English. Truthfully, that alone is why I don’t buy from them anymore.

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