What is *Sadhana* (Spiritual Practices)? Meditation Yoga Mantras Breathing Karma

siddhayatan.org http siddhalishree.com Acharya Shree Yogeesh, a living enlightened master, explains what sadhana means. He covers the following topics -sanskrit translation (spiritual practices) -examples of sadhana -the importance of sadhana -significance of effort in karma removal -spiritual path is beyond theory, and more practice *tags* sadhana, spiritual practices, meditation, yoga, pranayama, breathing, mantras, fasting, silence, karma, spirituality, enlightenment, yogeesh ashram, acharya shree yogeesh, living enlightened master, truth seeker, discipline Websites: yogeeshashram.org http siddhalishree.com
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6 thoughts on “What is *Sadhana* (Spiritual Practices)? Meditation Yoga Mantras Breathing Karma

  1. Very informative, as always, I never have heard one say spirtuality is practicality. I like it 🙂 Namaste

  2. Dude did he ever experienced depression?
    This music is already depressing me!!

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