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This spring and summer Chinese herbal medicines Sentiment has risen, drug varieties of frequent hot market transactions, and many herbs too few because of supply, market demand, the development of artificial cultivation of business opportunities. I drug under the major city of the country and the recent market trend analysis considers the following nine Herb Market Prospects, the development of autumn and winter planting Yaonong to local conditions. Angelica: The root used as medicine. With Qufeng dehumidification, drainage and Muscle, Blood pain and other functions, in addition to medicinal, but also for spices, is also the manufacturing of toothpaste, make cakes of the main raw material, its wide range of uses. In sunny, well-drained sandy soil suitable planting, seeding, transplanting should not be connected to. 9 October planting, excavation of the following year in August 7, year-round 350 to 400 kg per mu yield, high yield at up to 500 kg. Goods at current prices of 8 to 9 per thousand grams. Fumarate: The tubers used as medicine. With blood stasis, qi analgesic effect, for commonly used herbs. Should choose sunny, loose, fertile soil, good drainage and a neutral or slightly acidic sandy loam planting. Fresh tubers live, for the shallow root crops, avoid cropping. 9 November planted the following year excavation of 5 June, 200 ~ 250 kg annual yield per mu. Commodity current price is 17 ~ 19 per kg. Safflower: to take medicine. Has been promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, reducing swelling, pain and other functions, including medicinal, it also can be used as natural pigments and dyes. The safflower oil is an important industrial raw materials and health care oil, in great demand. Strict demands on the soil, the longer the higher the yield sunshine, fear of floods, seeding, should not even be, predecessor to cereal crops as well. In late September to late planting of 10, 5 June the following year picked 35 to 40 kg annual yield per mu, high yield at up to 45 kg. Current prices of goods 80 ~ 90 yuan kg. Isatis: A root used as medicine. Clearing and detoxifying, cooling function, the treatment of influenza, encephalitis, Hepatitis Have effects, a large clinical dose, and may be Health tea Drinking. Adaptability, on the soil loose, sandy loam to planting high yield, avoid water, direct seeding, can not even make, easy to plant and easy to control. 9 November sowing, 4 in May the following year excavation, annual yield per mu of 300 ~ 400 kg. Current price of goods is 7 to 9 yuan / kg. Jingjielianqiao: The whole plant with spikes of medicine. With scattered wind, Touzhen role, in addition to medicine, but also for fodder, spices and other industrial raw materials, ambrosioides oil exports also increased year by year. On the soil loose, but the soil over clay, and low-lying barren land not suitable for areas of stagnant water. Seeding because seeds small, Yi Qian broadcast, can be connected to. 9 October sowing, growing season only 80 to 90 days, to offer quick and tough medicinal species, annual yield per mu of 300 ~ 400 kg. Current price of goods is 5 to 7 yuan / kg. Drought Pinellia: The tubers used as medicine. With phlegm dampness, Jiangni vomiting and other functions, external governance carbuncle swelling, bleeding, cough and phlegm production of a variety of proprietary pieces, agent, revealed the main raw materials, market demand. Strict demands on the soil, hi shading environment, direct sunlight, high temperature and likely fall Miao, Yi and fruit trees, tall crops, intercropping, tubers live, can not even make. 11 ~ December sowing the following year excavation of 5 June, 120 ~ 150 kg annual yield per mu. Current prices of goods 50 to 55 yuan / kg. Vaccaria: The fruit used as medicine. Xue Tiaojing with swelling and pain, birth under the milk and other effects, related companies in recent years, they developed their dams Feed additives as raw materials, greatly increased the amount the market. Hi, warm and humid climate, can drought, waterlogging fear, on the soil loose, seeding, with wheat, corn and other crops intercropping. 9 October sowing, harvesting the following year 4 May, 250 ~ 300 kg annual yield per mu. 6 to 8 yuan at current prices of goods kg. Evodia: The fruit used as medicine. With temperature, the cold-dispelling, dampness, Traditional, antiemetic, analgesic effect, in addition to medicinal, but also for spices, is a formula commonly used pharmaceutical raw material. Deciduous small tree, planted around their houses could be mosquito son, planted one year, earnings for years, the variety of “Zhonghua” best. No strict requirements on the soil, in the plains, hills, mountains, Tanabe, to angle, surrounding their houses, gardens can be planted around 11 ~ December transplanting small trees, fruit until the following year, third year, Sheng Guo, July each year between late August early fruit picking, flourishing period of 150 ~ 200 kg annual yield per mu. Current prices of goods 28 ~ 32 yuan kg.

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