Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

A slideshow of Vincent Van Gogh’s work set to the song “Vincent” by Don McLean. It’s part of an art and creative writing lesson plan for the patients at Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield. Compiled by artist Anthony DiFatta, who also suffers from mental illness and teaches art to other adults with mental illness. His work can be found at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

  1. listening to this it like painting, this has to be the most describing song i’ve ever listened to…

  2. @roytetwart Actually I enjoyed the paintings. The song touched me, not inappropriately like my catholic priest.

  3. @ComradeDragon Yes Comrade he is. That was supposed to read “Vincent”. It was a copy from a Shakur bio. Apologies. I sit corrected. Aloha from Maui my friend. Be well….

  4. Hey?… Hello??… Can you hear me… ???…guess not….HEEYYY!!!! …(ECHO… ECHo… ECho… Echo… echo)… I’m high… I know I’m too old to be high and trippin’ on oldies…. But what can I say, is this not one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded? This song has always made me melancholy, pensive and introspective but I’m glad it’s available in a matter of seconds here at my fav site YouTube, if it wasn’t I’d have to go up in the attic and find the tape… There’s spider’s up there.

  5. How wonderful of you to do justice to Vincent…I listen to this song almost every night before falling asleep….I’m am saddened “that others never did..”.

  6. Brilliant. The post from dododaddy about its good love many things has just had a profound affect on me. Will finish my novel now. Best seller list, here I come.

  7. I just returned from Amsterdam where I visited the Van Gogh Museum. I found myself tearing up looking at Sunflowers and thinking of this song.

  8. this song is the beautifulest memory in my soul. miri i will love you 4ever. what ever you do und where ever you are. you are forever in my heart!

  9. Dons music is great but Van Gough must be painting with the wrong of the brush I mean he should be a paper hanger not a painter

  10. Amazing Van Gogh wasnt able to sell his own paintings! Now you cant touch his stuff for 10 million buks.

  11. It was reported by Mike Dyson that the song “Vincent” by Don Maclean was played on repeat during Tupac’s last hours. tupac loved this song! Don also passed at a young age and became famous after that peple also loved him because of the struggles he dealt with while growing up, just like Mr. Shakur

  12. @Haliph just pointed out two of yr tremendous skills. what a smart guy you obviously are. and whatever you’re on … reduce the dose and try to relax.

  13. @beblue4u Why the f*** would I have to add 1 to 142 to read a number? Are you legally down syndrome?

  14. Beautiful song, in melody and lyrics. The more you know about Vincent Van Gogh, the more important this song becomes. Don Mclean was the ultimate story teller.

  15. Esta canción la escuchaba cuando tenía 17 años y muchos sueños, ahora tengo 49 y no sé donde se fué mi vida.

  16. A superb video combining the work of three artists: Van Gogh, McLean and DiFatta. The art and music are masterfully matched; I love the way the most attractive self portraits appear at 2:35, exactly fitting the lyric, “as beautiful as you.” When they get around to giving awards for YouTube posts, this deserves one in the category of Creative Synthesis of Existing Material.

  17. 143 people don’t know who Vincent Van Gogh is nor do they understand he battled inner demons for most of his adult life until he died . . . 🙁

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