Cocktail recipes sometimes call for “salt tincture.” What exactly is that?

Question by Syl: Cocktail recipes sometimes call for “salt tincture.” What exactly is that?

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Answer by Rosie-doll Too
A tincture is a solution of herbs in alcohol. Apple cider vinegar may be used in some special preparations. The alcohol dissolves all of the chemical principals of the plant and acts as a preservative for future use.

I don’t know what a ‘salt tincture’ is … unless it’s just a mixture of salt in some liquid…just a dilution of salt water or something. =/

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  1. original portion of answer deleted…

    Edit: holy crap, this smug cocktail snob has just been taken down a peg. I thought I knew everything there was to know about cocktails, but I just looked and there’s cocktails with salt tincture all over the place. They’re crawlin’ the walls. How did I never hear of the stuff? Now I have to know too.

    I’m not proud, I emailed a couple of the bars using the stuff and asked. We’ll see what the answer is.

    Edit: Well here it is, straight from the horses mouth:
    Bobby Heugel, Owner / Bartender of the Anvil Bar & Refuge, in Houston, TX, was kind enough to reply to my email enquiry…

    Bobby describes the process he uses to create salt tincture, specifically for his cocktail called the “paloma”:
    “It is just Flor de Cana White Rum that sits with an overdose of coarse salt for around a month. We then fine strain the rum, creating a salt tincture, or a salt rum solution. This is used in our paloma instead of regular salt (which would be more traditional in countryside Mexico versions of the drink). The salt tincture is more evenly distributed and less unbalanced throughout the drink as opposed to the alternative manner. Hope this helps!”

    … so there you have it. It is just as the name implies, a tincture made from dissolving/soaking coarse salt in the alcohol of your choice, to be used as a salt substitute in a recipe.

    Good luck!

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