Runes and Quantum Physics

Article by Ragnar Storyteller


Create Health-Wealth-Love-Now using Runes and Quantum Physics.

As a Northern European you can now attract the virtues of your Viking ancestors into your daily life today by using the following runes.

Strength (Rune UR) — Courage (Rune Tyr) — Victory (Rune Sig) — Wisdom (Rune Os) and Individuality (Rune Is)

We discovered the runes, quantum physics, radionics and orgone generator technology. Now that we have evolved into the 21st century, we must learn to use our 21st century tools to evolve our gods/goddesses and our ancstral soul.

Plus to keep ourselves strong and healthy in this difficult world.

Simply Stated: Quantum Physics says:

* Thoughts are creative energies.

* The Universe (Quantum Ocean or Mind og God) uses your thoughts to create your world (reality.)

* Therefore you create your own reality with your thoughts.

* Your present reailty of health, wealth and love was created by you.

* To change your reailty change your thoughts.

* There is no time in the Quantum Ocean where all energies exist.

* All your prayers, wishes and desires exist there NOW!

* Go get them!

* No past, present nor future. Only the now.

* Therefore you can fulfill your prayers, wishes and desires now.

* Just learn to strengthen and prolong your thoughts.

* That is what this webpage is about, learning how to keep your thoughts and wished alive and in the Mind of God.

* Learn to think about what you want not what you do not want.

Attract Health-Wealth-Love-Now

Simply stated Runes are:

* Runes are Universal Creative Energies.

* Each Rune is a separate key to a set of energies within the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.)

* When you meditate or look or breathe in a runic symbol you are touching it with your mind.

* This same runic symbol exists in the Quantum Ocean.

* So, when you connect with the rune on the physical plane at that same moment your mind connects with the runic energies in the Quantum Ocean.

* There is no time or space in the Quantum Ocean.

* The runes exist in the Quantum Ocean.

* You exist in the Quantum Ocean.

* Look and it is an instantaneous connection.

* The difference is that when you look at the runes on the physical plane you are looking at a runic symbol on paper.

* When you connect with the runic symbol in the Quantum Ocean, you are connecting to runic energy.

* The runic energy in the Quantum Ocean will now pour into your aura, your symbolic energy field and becomes part of your reality.

* Each Rune has an energy packet attached to it with several diferent but similar runic energies.

* The major keywords of the runes tell us what the different but similar runic energies in the Quantum Ocean packets are.

I repeat, repeat, repeat because Repetition is Heaven’s First Law.


When you meditate, look or breathe in the Rune FA you make contact with its runic energies in the Quantum Ocean.

The energy of Rune FA Wealth enters your aura (energy field.)

From your aura (energy field) it manifests into your world (reality.)

This means that the Runic FA Wealth energy in you will attract to you people, places, events, phone calls, mail etc that will lead you to wealth. It is universal law.

Do not look for a pot of gold awating you on your doorstep in the morning (though this may happen.)

The Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) sends you wealth possibilities and wealth opportunities.

But you must stay awake and aware to these opportunities. Wealth will come to you from the most unexpected places.


How Can You Do This?

Learn to use the “I AM RUNE MEDITATION”

Rune Fa Wealth

Hold the symbol Rune FA in your hands while sitting comfortably.

Use the Laws of Quantum Physics to strenghen and prolong your thoughts.

Since there is no time in the Quantum Ocean, only the now.


As you are looking at Rune FA think and say aloud:


Don’t wait for the future. The Quantum Ocean only deals in the now.

This will instantly pour the Rune FA wealth energies into your aura from the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.)

The Wealth possibilities and opportunities will start now.

The only thing that will slow it up will be the energy blockages you have against wealth in your aura.

We all have these blockages to some extent, eles we would all be wealthy now.

But be assured the flow of Rune FA Wealth Energies will continue to flow into your aura until the blockages are dissolved. It is an exact sicence.

To Add More Power To Your “I Am Rune Meditations”, to increas power and shorten time you can use an Orgone Generator or a Radionic device (see my other webpages.)

I have shared with you Rune FA “I Am Meditation”, but you can use it for any of the 18 runes. Just choose one of the keywords to concentrate on.

There are 2 kinds of knowledge. Decorative and functional knowledge. Decorative knowledge about the runes is the history, where they wer found, on jewelry, monuments, etc. Nice to know but not very funcitonal. Functional knowledge about the runes, like knowing that they are Universal Creative Enegies you can use.

You can use these energies to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better.

About the Author

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller (earned viking name) is a 72 year young viking. He is a runemaster and viking skald. He has written several books on Odin and the Runes. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the first writer to combine the ancient wisdom of the runes with the 21st century science of Quantum Physics. Visit his webiste: http//

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