Using Runes In Psychic Self-defense – Secrets Mages Do not Reveal

Everything in existence has essence. It is indestructible and natural. However, it can change form sometimes. Usually, it is invisible to the naked eye even though some people can indeed look into the higher planes of wisdom. The difference that exists between an illusion and the real thing is the aura or the essence. It is mostly referred to as the soul by people, but it is said that only beings of higher order possess souls. This aura that is energy is there in all things, living as well as non-living. Mages learn how to control this energy and they do what is called as “magick”. This aura is developed very well in humans and manifests, in different levels, in different degrees.

When interaction between humans takes place, energy is transmitted between humans. This can have positive or negative effects on people. For a normal human, the negative side effect of aural interchange will cause depression or aggression and confusion or apathy. To protect themselves from psychic attack or such exchanges, the aura should be strong and must be able to counterbalance the elements causing the negative effect.

A strong aura always is accompanied by strong traits like competitiveness, confidence, ambition or determination. These strong wills can be manipulated to anyone’s needs. It may be for the good of everyone or for evil intentions. If it is not strong, the aura will be subjected to forces that are external. To be shielded from these influences, for those who know about being a mage, there are many means by which they can strengthen their personality and one of them is runes.

Runes are ancient alphabets that are being used throughout Europe. It is used for magick and divination. The word itself means whisper or mystery. Each and every rune has many meanings, related to the forces of nature. The most popular rune is “Elder Futhark” rune and has about 24 runes. In magick, these runes are formed and inscribed in such a way that the wearer gets the properties of the rune that actually were associated with it. For increasing the strength of the aura and psychic self defense, many runes are prescribed. The Algiz rune is one of choice and allows the wearer protection against any danger or attacks, physically, spiritually, collectively and personally. It increases the life force and strengthens the aura. It protects against evil from non-sentient or non-human things.

The ansuz rune is a rune that has good fortune, calling for divine help for power or even immortality attuned to it. It is also the rune of communications. It helps a lot in situations where in speech you have to convince people of your confidence and power like luck with examinations. Luck and protection is connected to success and achievement, by the rune Nauthiz. It harnesses energy from within the body like creativity and intuition and trains us in overcoming all adversities. Distress can be done away with and even negative energy can be removed. It is also good the have a taste of both the Ansuz and Alkiz rune, as the side effects are very powerful and string. It also increases the sex drive and hence must be used with utmost caution.

Usage of runes for strengthening auras is more than just knowing about properties and functions of the runes and having them on your pendants, candles or other personal property. The person who uses the rune must already be able to control the rune to an extent so that the energy can be focused. The visualization of power for these runes is vital for it to actually work. Runes are also only as effective as the caster who inscribed it.

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