Nice Soul Mates photos

A few nice soul mates images I found:

Day 124–“Soul Mates”

Image by Madilyn Peiper
I believe in soul mates, but not in the way most people do. I believe that soul mates are the other half of your soul and things are incomplete without the other half. A soul mate to me is not a lover. It is a being that can complete your sentences, understand you and almost read your thoughts. That’s what Sam is to me. A soul mate. And if you believe in astrology like I do…I’m a cancer and she’s a scorpio, which should let you know exactly how compatible we really are.

Now just in case you’re wondering…I do believe in kindred spirits when it comes to lovers. I believe that there’s more than one person out there in the romantic sense that could be wonderful for you.

I spent my Valentine’s Day with my soul mate and it couldn’t have been any better.

For FGR and the theme Affection.


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