What are the differences between Soul Mates and Twin Flames?

Soul Mates

Soul Mates are souls that have been created within a soul family, so there is a family-type feeling of coming together. When you meet one another there is recognition, a familiarity that brings with it a wondrous joy and feeling of ‘belonging.’  Soul Mates are in each other’s lives to offer support, love, and richness.  There is a timeless feeling when together that is often acknowledged through the words, “feels like I have known you forever.”  All Soul Mate relationships are for the purpose of spiritual growth, and the deepening and expanding of all spiritual attributes.  Soul Mates teach each other how to love themselves and then how to love each other, thereby creating the most ideal situation for a conscious family. Not all Soul Mate reunions are sexual; there can be a genuine experience of having a purely platonic relationship where one actually places the needs and wants of their Soul Mate before their own.  They can literally serve one another for years as they learn to embody unconditional love. Soul Mates prepare us for union with our Beloved, either in this lifetime or the next.

Hallmarks of a Soul Mate

A warm and comfortable feeling when together.  A slow start with less intensity and conflict.  Feelings of support, friendship, family, and familiarity.  A strong attraction, you may adore and love the way they look, enjoying their entire being. But you will always be two, keeping your separate identities very much intact. No desire to merge; happy and content to enjoy individuality and two-ness.

Twin Flames

Now, Twin Flames are a whole other type of relationship. First, let’s take a closer look at another word that is often used to describe the same type of being – the Beloved.  Watch this: Be ‘love‘ d. Yes, that’s right, the Beloved will do everything and anything to push and pull you around your so-called neat, safe, and organized life, until you simply become LOVE. This is no walk in the park ladies and gentleman, this is The Full Monty. Only those prepared to ‘bare all’ will come out on top! But, don’t be scared – the payoff is worth every bit of it.
Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul brought together for the purpose of making an obvious difference in the world. For those meant to join with their Beloved, the incessant throbbing of desire and longing for the other is never far beneath the subconscious. They constantly crave a deeper, more meaningful love and will settle at nothing to find it.  Twin Flame love is always steadfast and enduring. They are unable to not love one another; their love is eternal and continues way beyond their human experiences. They unite when there is important spiritual work or collaboration to be done, and there is a readiness and willingness to understand the full breadth of human connection. Both will carry out a mission together for the benefit of mankind.

When Twin Flames come together, similar to Soul Mates, they act as two mirrors. But unlike Soul Mates, Twin Flames reflect back each other’s “shadow self” for the ultimate goal of perfect polarity integration, or ultimate unity. This can be a huge task for human beings, as we have learned so many ways of staying safe and protecting ourselves from being hurt. But this is the gift of the Beloved. The Twin Flame frees you from the controlling powers of the mind and sends you heart first into the ecstatic joys of the liberated heart, once you have faced and gone through a few select initiations (more on that to follow!).

Those who live lives of emotional detachment often do so when they are unable or unwilling to face their Twin Flame. It can be an overwhelming, life-altering experience to come face-to-face with the other half of your soul. Many people flee in emotional terror and allow emotional baggage to destroy the process. But when they accept this beautiful opportunity, it can be the most intensely transformative and powerful experience a person can have. Whatever the case, there is no force on Earth that can keep Twin Flames apart – but emotional soul injuries can injure or even delay a reunion lifetime after lifetime.

Hallmarks of a Twin Flame

It is usually intense, challenging, light and dark, polar opposites of each other, with near Hollywood style showdowns happening within a highly attracting energetic field that you cannot fight against or deny. Every type of duality (pairs of opposites) will be played out, until there is nothing left but love, and an incredible desire to merge and become one. The idea of being two is completely repelling. Twin Flames yearn to merge into one. It is their natural state.




Anaiya Aon Prakasha is the author of Pilgrimage to Love:  A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and Meeting The One and is the creator of Pathway of the Beloved, and Awakening Soulful Sexualitytwo 40-Day transformative processes based on her own experiences of stepping ever closer to her Beloved. She is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, public speaker and the co-author of Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Feminine.

This website and all the work here is dedicated to the longing you feel within you to love without measure.

Anaiya gives directly from her feminine heart centred presence, allied with her playful, infectious enthusiasm to inspire and arouse others to surrender their lives to live as love, no matter what it takes. Since the age of twelve she has walked the Path of the Beloved. Fueled by the Power of Love to seek ‘him’ everywhere. To love him even in the darkest of places. In ‘his’ reflection’ she see’s the living face of love, and it is from here that she guides you to seek the love that are, and long to give.

And so her prayer’s were answered through the presence of great teachers who prepared her for her Pilgrimage of Love. Yogi Bhajan, the last living Grand Master of Kundalini Yoga. Gangaji and Eli, whose presence ignited what can only be called “Silent, Infinite Love”. Padma Aon Prakasha, who challenged her to face everything. Through their union she remembered her feminine heritage, together they re-awakened her ‘whole’ sexuality and opened her womb to the un-quenchable longing to serve others to experience the same. Finally, a presence called AJ Miller, who shares with us all a path to pray with God in such an experiential way, that I hopelessly can not express.  You have to see for yourself…

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