Hatha Yoga Demonstration

Hatha yoga instructor Marisse Farnos, Ph.D., describes this form of yoga, which focuses on postures and breathing. Farnos offers classes to patients and caregivers at MD Anderson Cancer Center. More info: www.mdanderson.org
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21 thoughts on “Hatha Yoga Demonstration

  1. Ive started doing Hath Yoga ive had 3 lessons and even after the 1st lesson you notice a difference i love it

  2. @cspace1234nz wow! oh please please please make a video of u – or that blind dog – doing what-u-so-called “party tricks”?

  3. Modern Western Hatha Yoga = Gymnastics.

    a blind dog with a note in it’s mouth can perform these party tricks…..so what ?

  4. Hello, i liked the video so much!
    I ‘d like to start to take yoga lessons..but i dont know the differences between Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga,Kundalini yoga and Ratna yoga, could you maybe explain me in a simple way what are the principal differences? i have scoliosis do you think it could help me or no? Thank you ,
    Chiara from Rome

  5. The term Kundalini Syndrome is used to describe the bad side of Kundalini experience.
    If you don’t have years upon years of training and purification through Hatha Yoga, pranayama and meditation then Kundalini awakening will be bad and destructive.
    I did reply to your pm and it’s better if we talk there, I just posted this so that other people would know the dangers of doing it with drugs, without adequate supervision, without the proper knowledge etc

  6. If you want a detailed explantation of my experience, then I’d prefer to discuss it over a private message. But Kundalini can be raised through technique, unintentionally, and even spontaneously, seemingly unprovoked. In my case, it both unintentional and spontaneous, through the use of certain psychedlic drugs (Kundalini raising by use of psychedelics is fairly common). I’m young and have always had a sensitive body, and that combination resulted in my Kundalini rising, and I believe it’s fate.

  7. What are your symptoms and how has it impacted your life if I may ask. Also in your opinion where did you go wrong

  8. Heard of it? I am going through it as I type, and it’sbee ging n for 2+ yars.

  9. if not harmful then definitely dangerous, ever heard of Kundalini syndrome?

  10. The dedication of this music is really fantastic when doing Yoga, it’s so relax….but duno how to get this music

  11. You say Hatha Yoga is not postures? And you think all Kundalini exercises are harmful? Where do you get your fallacious ideas?

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