Is Christian Science healing in any way similar to Reiki “distance” healing?

by inju

Question by Pascha: Is Christian Science healing in any way similar to Reiki “distance” healing?
Do you have experience with either? What do you think is involved?

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Answer by DrDontheTermiteGuy
Same sort of BS but Reiki is typically a lot less expensive.

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6 thoughts on “Is Christian Science healing in any way similar to Reiki “distance” healing?

  1. I think so. Personally I have no experience with it. I think it involves magical thinking.

  2. Reiki uses energy from one body to heal another body. That is, a person does it alone.

    Christian Science is using energy from God to heal. It could not be done by an individual, it can only be done through faith in God. The person performing the healing is only acting like a connection between the God and the healed.

    Current medical technology and facilities are much more successful than either of these methods. Neither of these methods has a statistical success rate. Also keep in mind that Reiki was even disproved scientifically by an 11 year old girl named Emily Rosa, who went into the Guinness book as the youngest person ever to have her scientific findings published in a peer review journal.

  3. Reiki is actually an ancient eastern practice. However, there are several alternative methods that are practiced with Christian science.

  4. can you guys please see my answer to the question “what do you think about the Christian Science church?”
    there is nothing magical about our healing, and we believe that anyone can be healed not through gods energy, but through understanding that god is good and all of his creations (man included) are perfect, that there can be no imperfections and thus nothing can be wrong.

    thats the reallllly short, compact, shallow version if you want to correct your thinking see my other answer 🙂

  5. That’s a really interesting question. I am not familiar with Christian Science healing, but I presume its similar to other forms of faith healing?
    If I am right on that assumption , then what it means is that its essentially a type of prayer asking (or demanding) that God cure the individual. For some groups its means ordering out demons as well.

    “Distance” Reiki is different in the sense that it does not involve prayer or innvocating God. I mean, if it can if the practitioner desires, however, it is most definitely not required.
    Distance reiki is more about clearing the energy fields, and balancing the chakras.

    In my opinion as a Reiki Master with over 14 years experience; I think Reiki Sessions “in person” are very beneficial as a complementary therapy for almost any chronic or painful condition. With a qualified practitioner a client will experience an increase of heat from the hands of the practitioner where-ever there is illness or injury. That increase of heat not only clears energy blockages along meridians and chakras, it also relaxes the muscles and other soft tissue, and increases blood-flow, which in turn helps the body to naturally heal itself by increasing oxygen to the area and removing toxins, inflammation etc.

    Great question!

    EDIT: Emily Rosa’s experiment was in regards to Therapeutic Touch, not Reiki. Therapeutic Touch is a completely different thing.

    Secondly, the experiement involved only tested to see if the practitioners – who put their hand through a screen, could “sense” her presence when she put her hovered her hand near theirs. It in no why tests, disproves or validates the effectiveness of an actual therapy session. Its a great experiment for a young child to think of for her science project. But I don’t believe it was in any way sufficient to be considered a valid conclusion on any form of energy work little alone a concensus for all therapies. Further, its not likely her paper ever would have been published if her parents weren’t who they are. Just something to keep in mind.

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