TO FEEL & SEE YOUR ENERGY BODY meditation YOGA LIVE – 11 min. This Meditation gives you the ability to Feel and See Your Energy Body. It can make you aware of the potenial conscious use of your electromagnetic field and of your subtle bodies as well as your physical body. Hands/ Arms: The forearms are 30 degree out from the chest; palms open and facing each other; fingers are slightly spread and lightly cupped. Breath: Breathe long, deep and slow. Eyes: Half open and focussed between the palms. Direction: As you breathe, feel the energy flow from one hand to the other. After a few minutes, you will begin to SEE THE FLOW OF ENERGY. Music by Madeleine Bachan Kaur www.huemanbeing.com
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19 thoughts on “FEEL & SEE YOUR ENERGY BODY meditation YOGA LIVE

  1. Dharana, dhyana and Samadhi is the key. These 3 in 1 is the foundation of all possibilities, including flying.

  2. if you are looking to someone actualy fly, you’d be better of searching for a chris Angel or david blaine vid. TM flying is a state of bliss, a state of mind where there is ZERO thought but still aware of your own being.

  3. I love yogic flying because it gives me so much bliss, so much deep spiritual experiences and success in my professional life.

  4. @tekproxy maybe you’ll get some alpha activity but not all over the brain with high coherence between all parts of the brain. Yogic Flying gives total brain coherence like nothing else.

  5. @eragon3196
    I think the point is not to actually fly, but to feel like flying. It´s definetely possible to feel like you are flying with the right technique of concentration, even if you´re not flying in material terms.

  6. @eragon3196 Nor do I, but I do see happy, health people very much enjoying themselves.

    Personally, I practice Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying for one reason – it makes me feel great. To me, that’s what life’s all about.

  7. i think batman with all that heavy equipment is pretty jealous 🙂
    flying, burning yogis and etc…. this is stupid, they work hard, dedicate their lives just to do this stupid hopping, for others to demonstrate how developed and special they r, holier than thou…nirvana on a move? r u kiddin me?.. this is rather bullshit on a move lol well i have never experienced this hopping and never will so i cannot argue weather it is pleasant, joyful or not but it looks like funny exersice not nirvana

  8. @undertheC2B
    The TM people have provided NO evidence that the “levitation” practiced here has had any measurable physical validity. There are no tests to show that there is any demonstrable uplift beyond the force that is exerted by the legs and the jerking of the body. If true, then it would be possible to verify by measuring the counter force beneath the practitioner and the ground to see if it matches the height of the leap. The answer is BECAUSE IT DOESN’T REALLY HAPPEN. (cont.)

  9. learn to fly. they paid the money, nobody flied. they just hopped around. call it yogic hopping and be honest about it. i once went about 1 foot off the ground in the woods while standing, my friends flipped right out, mind you i just felt weird and wasn’t trying to do it. weird years those were. yeah, you don’t learn it, it’s a spontaneous thing.

  10. SIMPLY closing your eyes produces alpha frequencies in parts of the brain. You can smile and be happy about anything. It’s an emotion that can be brought into conscious control.

  11. Every point mass attracts every single other point mass by a force pointing along the line intersecting both points. The force is directly proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the point masses

  12. @coccinelsucrer Hoping is the first stage of Yogic Flying. As one progress’s they begin to be able to levitate and then eventually fly anywhere. Most people are at the first stage but I have seen some people at the second stage.

  13. @sancakagundala I’ve seen Yogic Flying – it is possible for sure. Hoping is just the first stage.

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