Does anyone know of any herbal “pesticides”?

Question by Jaspen: Does anyone know of any herbal “pesticides”?
We have tons of ANTS in our house. Any ideas on how to get rid of them without commercial sprays or traps?
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  1. Sometimes bleach will help, as they can’t smell the trail anymore. Keep surfaces clean and food off the floor’s and counters.

  2. well, i don’t know about herbal, but my husband put used motor oil around our whole house on the foundation- both on the outside, and the inside by going under the house. It had stopped them cold, and we have had no ants since.

  3. spray vinegar water on their paths, pour it down their holes, and once they’re gone become hard core about cleaning up every little crumb so they don’t come back.

  4. Boric acid works really well. You can out it in your places children and pets cannot get to. We also used to use honey traps, a plastic lid filled with dark, viscous honey (wildflower or buckwheat work best). The ants get stuck in it and drown.

  5. after cleaning really well, I’ve used vinegar and water. vinegar staraight in some areas.

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