Which out of these would clear a metaphysical stone the best? Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass, or Frankincense?

Question by Jacob55: Which out of these would clear a metaphysical stone the best? Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass, or Frankincense?
I AM NOT talking about a kidney stone, or anything like that, im not talking about clearing anything with ultrasound, a machine, im talking about religious and metaphysical stones. magic, metaphysics,things in that nature, not health stones, like a kidney stone. if your going to be asinine, dont bother answering this. id like an answer from an experienced person who knows metaphysics. i hear that clearing STONES of NEGATIVE ENERGY with frankincense is just as good as the “3 sacred herbs” known as cedar, sweetgrass, and sage. any insight on this?
which would be better: sage, sweetgrass, cedar, OR Frankincense?
oh yes i forgot tobacco, thanks!

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Answer by Randy
They’re all good. Sage has been used across continents for hundreds and hundreds of years to purify things. Cedar is sacred to Jupiter, as is Frankincense. You can take this astrological approach with all your stones and tools.

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  1. There is to the native americans 4 sacred herbs..but, I believe that white sage would do the best job, if you don’t have white sage use the sweet grass. A lot of people generally use sea salt and purified water. The 4th is tobacco btw.

  2. Whichever scent you like best, or can find easiest. Remember, it’s not the tool that the magick comes from, it’s the person.

  3. Either Sage, Cedar or Sweetgrass.
    I prefer cedar. It is sacred to Heru and Herukhuti. These are both warrior and protective entities.
    Cedar is just so aromatic and active as a scent.
    I know that sage is used for smudging and the removal of psychic energies.
    Of the four (or five if you include tobacco, which I consider as more of an appeasement to entities) cedar does not have to be burned, which shows its efficacy even in a static state.
    How about placing the stone in or seawater around the full moon, and by the time the new moon gets here (Feb. 3, Chinese New Year of the Hare) it should be clear. Also leaving it out in the sun during this period.
    Pack in salt for 24-48 hours
    Bury underground for 2-7 days
    Place in running water- streams, rivers, etc. for 5-7 days
    Pack in salt water for 24-48 hours
    Or try combining methods, or place on a quartz cluster, or geode in natural light
    Check in Katrina Raphaell’s books and the books by
    Randall and Vicki Baer

  4. In your power hand (the one you write with) hold stone rinse it with spring water only or if you have blessed water that works. Set outside to dry

    Pass it through the smoke of either;

    White sage
    Fran incense
    Sweet grass

    When stone is dry hold it in power hand to your heart, heart chakra and ask your higher power whatever it is to bless and infuse it with the intentions you wish.

    Sleep with stone under your pillow for a week so you and it can bound energetically

    Wear/carry it close to you in a pouch black preferably to protect it. Its good to cleanse stones once a month there are various ways to do that. Example I am setting all my stones outside tonight under the full moon to be cleansed then in the morning I’ll bless and put them in their pouches I have mine in pouches (medicine bags that are around my neck.

    Hope this helps remember the main thing in working with stones or any Maqgickal tool is your intention.

    Blessed Be In Love & Light,

    Practicing life long Witch and Psychic Healer

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