Variations of Child’s Pose – Hatha Yoga Asana Garbhasana

Try out different variations of Garbhasana, Yoga Child’s Pose. Find out which of these Hatha Yoga Asanas is best for you. Usually child’s pose is done before and after headstand, after Yoga backward bends. You can also do Garbhasana during the day whenever your back needs some relaxation and rest. More Videos on Yoga, Meditation, mantras, with Yoga Classes and lectures on

Sitting in yoga usually involves the full or half lotus positions, a folded seating pose. Learn to sit in yoga in this free hatha yoga video. Expert: Howard Davis Bio: Howard Davis has been practicing yoga for decades. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson
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3 thoughts on “Variations of Child’s Pose – Hatha Yoga Asana Garbhasana

  1. if you want to have a good giggle try sitting in full lotus! thank you howard, well presented video.

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