The Special Yoga Centre

‘The Special Yoga Centre is here to serve the community. I have a very strong desire to make the joy of yoga available to as many people as possible. At our heart is the Yoga for Special Child programme™ offering yoga therapy to infants and children with a wide range of special needs.
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16 thoughts on “The Special Yoga Centre

  1. Sounds amazing place is there any thing like this in the UK? any one know.


  2. I hope this training comes to NY soon-my heart has been stolen!

  3. I live just up the road and feel very proud that I walk close to this Yoga centre every day. Thank you for the wonderful work you do this was a very moving video and all I can say is once again thanks keep up this excellent work you do!!

  4. What a wonderful, encouraging process for parents and children with disabilities to participate in. Does anyone know of centres similar to yours, Jo, in South Africa? I will be in contact with your Special Yoga Centre soon to find out how one trains as a practitioner so that we can introduce this work in SA.

  5. This is so powerful! Can you imagine how helpless these children have felt their whole lives and now they have a sense of freedom?? Incurable means the cure is within. I love this.

  6. beautiful, it fills me with love to see work like this being done. a special thanks to you, you have a beautiful gift.

  7. Sat nam,

    This video is absolutely inspiring. Thank you for posting this, and for the wonderful work that you do.

    Nadh Singh

  8. When I clicked on this clip I was sceptical, after 4mins 29 I love it, beautiful, thanks for posting

  9. Well done jo. This is a bold and inspiring yoga project that really stands out in its humanity. tarik

  10. I love this centre, what an amazing place, what great work they do, I would thoroughly recommend anyone and everyone to try the Special Yoga Centre.

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