Why does the term “Polytheism” NOT apply to hindus?

Question by ☆☆ Jack Skellington ☆☆: Why does the term “Polytheism” NOT apply to hindus?

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Answer by helper725
Who said that? They believe in over 1 million gods.

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  1. Because Hindu’s believe in the same Godhead Trinity that the Christians do, and both God’s are one.They just also believe in demigods under that godhead trinity. Similar to how the Christians have the archangels.

    Krishna is the equivalent to Jesus Christ.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with polytheism. I intuit that you think polytheism is somehow lesser than monotheism and you want to “spare” the Hindus somehow, am I correct?

  3. Because Hinduism doesn’t have any certain dogma, Hinduism is so diverse, though most of Hindus do idol worshiping but there exists few who even go as far as condemning idol worshiping, so Hinduism is not a single entity to call it by one name either it be Polytheism or Monotheism.

  4. Because Hindus believe that each and every one of their gods and goddesses is a reflection of “the One” or “the Truth”. It’s really quite beautiful, if you think about it.

  5. This has often confused me, but one of my good friends explained to me that really, all those God’s are manifestations of one.
    I suppose like the Christian’s trinity (father, son, and holy spirit). Except they only have 3 aspects instead of millions

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