What does “rising” sign mean?

Question by PJ: What does “rising” sign mean?
what is your “rising sign” i don’t get it someone explain please

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Answer by Thankie
“Your rising sign describes the way other people see you, and the way you express yourself physically and sexually. It’s the part of you that others first see when you walk into a room, and the secret messages you send out about your sexual chemistry.”


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  1. It’s who you present yourself to be to the world in the present. It basically represents what first impression you give to folks when they meet you, which can be tricky. Like in my case. My rising is Gemini so I appear to be an air sign, but get to know me and I’m all Scorpio, which is my Sun and Mercury (communication).

  2. Your ascendant or rising sign is how you appear to others – it is the mask your wear. It is what people see when they first meet you and of course after a while they see the real you behind the mask. Ascendant is crucial because like they say “the first impression you make is important”. This is especially so for people who tend to meet a lot of people in their careers like sales, marketing, etc. And many of them may have a strong first house that gives them the confidence needed to do that kind of jobs. If you have a Gemini is your first house, then you may appear intellectual, communicative (maybe talkative), someone who knows about a lot of subjects, and curious about everything.

  3. Imagine you are sitting in your lawnchair for 24 hours, facing the Eastern horizon, and that you can see the stars even during the daytime.

    As you sit there, sipping your drink and listening to your favrite song, you will see every constellation of the zodiac rising in the eastern horizon, one by one. It will take (an average of) 2 hours for each sign, from the start of it to the end of it, to rise. As it rises, it then will gradually ascend (move up) across the sky to the Midheaven (or noon position of the Sun), and then start to descend gradually down to the western horizon, where it sets.

    YOUR Rising sign is actually whatever sign was rising in the eastern horizon at the date and time and location of your birth.

    You see this action with the Sun every day, but it also happens with all the signs, as well as the Moon and the other planets in our solar system. Your birthchart is actually just a map of the entire sky … the half above the horizon line is the part of the sky you can see, the half below is what’s on the other side of the earth.

    And there you have your Rising Sign, also known as the Ascendant … the public “mask” you wear, the first impression you make on others, and the behaviors that you revert to when you are feeling uneasy in a group of people … all as per whatever the style of that sign is.

    And the opposite point (on the Western horizon) is called the Descendant. Your “mask” in intimate relationships … partners, spouse. What you offer to them, what you ask from them … as per the style of whatever that sign is (which is always the opposite sign from the Ascendant).

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