Six Minute Hatha Flow Yoga Warm-Up

Six-minute sample of a 30-minute Fitness Yoga warm-up. Features floor exercises. You’ll stretch while working your core muscles, arms and chest. Safe for beginners.
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14 thoughts on “Six Minute Hatha Flow Yoga Warm-Up

  1. Nice channel, love your work !!
    check us out when you get a chance !!

  2. Ditto on the thanks. I have fibromyalgia (or some undiagnosed illness) and was told Hatha Yoga could help me.

  3. Tamara Ronkin teaches at our school Bujinkan Martial Arts in Margate Fl on Saturday mornings. She is a wonderful Yoga instructor and a great person. I recommend her Yoga classes for a relaxing workout!

  4. great for a warmup stretch- definitely reccommend to anyone needing a starting warmup for yoga- thanks for uploading this!

  5. i think she must be yoga trained!! I think she must be holding her breath…

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