What is your “moon sign”? & How is it different from your sun sign?

Question by : What is your “moon sign”? & How is it different from your sun sign?
I know your sun sign tells your date/month of your birth
but why do you have to require so much to find out your moon sign, & what is it?
http://www.lunarium.co.uk/moonsign/calculator.jsp – you can find out yours,

my sun sign is pisces & my moon is cancer?
what does that mean?


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Answer by eri
Moon and Sun sign mean the constellation those objects were in when you were born. All the ones in the paper are wrong, but that doesn’t matter, because astrology doesn’t work. When you were born and where stuff was in the sky has nothing at all to do with your life. It’s a superstition. It means nothing.

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  1. How different is it? It isn’t different at all. Both Sun and Moon signs are the same useless fluff invented by astrologers who found out long ago that they could get people to hand over their money in exchange for telling them what they wanted to hear.

    Here’s a fact – the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets have no impact on you, apart from causing day and night, and oceanic tides.

  2. The beauty of astrology is that anything can mean anything. So your “sun” and “moon” signs can mean anything you want. If your “sign” is pisces, you can tell yourself that anything astrology tells you is a little bit fishy. If your other “sign” is cancer, you might want to get to your doctor for a physical, or you could just tell yourself that your moon sign is sick and you need to cut it out.

    If you want a really precise, thousands of years in the making, “mainstream” BS analysis of your astrological “signs” try the astrology section of answers or find one of 2,341,295 web sites that make their living selling crap to gullible people who think anyone can possibly know anything about them or about their many possible “futures”. No one knows what tomorrow brings. But they can sell you a bunch of books and charts rehashing what has happened in the past and presenting it as “your” future. You may as well show continuous reruns of the Daytona 500 and predict your future based on which car was leading and which was trailing when you were born. Don’t let the exhaust fumes cloud your judgment. Every next moment and every tomorrow is a mystery that is NOT written in the stars.

  3. You’re asking this in the wrong category. You want “Horoscopes” under “Entertainment,” not “Astronomy & Space.”

    Astronomers are not fortune tellers. We predict real events in the real universe, not the imaginary effects of the planets on the inhabitants of a small planet in orbit around a yellow dwarf star.

    Let me give you a bit of heart-felt advice. Please don’t base important decisions in your life on astrology. Look at your options, and make your decision based on factual information and what feels right to you, not on the hocus-pocus that some charlatan dreams up based on the supposed positions of the planets.

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